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    skirmish soldier choice

    Hey all

    I'm playing a burglar at lvl 58 and have encountered a lot of trouble with skirmishes. I tend to run in gambler or mischief with mainly blue traits.
    I have been trying to upgrade a soldier to help me but so far I've only achieved wasting points on soldiers that did not benefit me at all. What kind of soldier would be best for me? I've tried herbalist and bannerguard. The herbalist was unnecessary since I never had any problems staying at full or near full health and the bannerguard would take aggro off me and get himself killed first thing in every fight.
    Is there a soldier which can stay at the back, doing something useful and not grabbing my aggro?

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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    Sounds like you want an archer.
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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    For solo skirms:

    Try an archer (Make sure to build him for bleed skills. There is a HUGE difference in the damage from a bleed archer vs a crit archer)

    You can also try a sage. (Build him for Single target skills if you don't want him to break your CC)
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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    thank you ^^

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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    I agree with the suggestions above. I started with a Bannerman, but that didn't seem too helpful. I think the Archer and Sage are good choices, especially if solo and/or leveling.

    But at 75 (and especially while grouping), I think the Herbalist is probably the best choice. I have no issues with CC or DPS, so having some morale/power restoration just seems to make things go smoother and faster.
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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    The whole point of bannerguard is to take aggro - it helps a lot if you have positional damage modifiers. You probably didn't level up his traits enough. With heavy armor, evasion, and morale regeneration, my dude never dies even against Lieutenants.

    But as Beleg said, Herbalist is also a good choice.
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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    You can't go wrong with a Herbalist/Warrior/Archer, but I personally have fun with/am successful with a Protector. It saves me a lot of pain when I'm engaging multiple mobs and want to get the most out of my positional damage bonuses.

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    Re: skirmish soldier choice

    i tried a few on my 3 burglars, but i found out that the protector is the best.
    he stays alive on all of the skirmishes (expect for the icy caverns where he dies sometime)

    mind you he is maxed out (exept on my third one, but he is still only lvl 66)

    for tank guys i should take a sage, the damage and slow are awesome.



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