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    integer format inconsistency?


    I'm having a quite fun issue with the data saved by TonicBars (may be the same for other plugins ).

    On my EU client/french locale/windows system, Integer values are saved like:
    ["y"] = "INTEGER:973",
    On my EU client/US locale/linux system, Integer values are saved like:
    ["y"] = 973,
    Note that it's not the classic "comma bug".

    Anyone have a clue why this difference?

    PS: somewhat solved with the little awk script following, but I'm most interested at the inconsistency reason
    !/INTEGER/ { print $0 }
    /INTEGER/ {
            gsub("\"INTEGER:[0-9.]*\"", number, $0)
            print $0

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    Re: integer format inconsistency?

    TonicBars checks the locale of the system, and changes the save format for french and german locales.



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