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    1v1's This morning

    Suilaid Xerxes, Burzan, and Kaavik,

    Nice fights...and man did I need some brushing up on my 1v1 skills - been burging greenies too long lol. Anyway - look forward to lots more, I am getting back in the swing and those were fun. Now we can ignore my comments about tree hugging dying ragers hahaha!!!! ;-)

    ps - you can count on me mounting up when you all break combat from now on - haha - that worked out cept the first time I tried Xerx you came out of combat, but I was stuck in combat - that made me sad :-\

    pps - we gotta do this later in the day...I suck in the morning (well late morning anyway - i am up late and sleep late).

    Good Hunting,

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    Re: 1v1's This morning

    Always a pleasure to fight you Ell. I am all for 1v1s. We should setup 1v1s in the future. You will be surprised with what new people are capable of

    p.s I thought i had you that one time but you got me with a few hundred left. Only if I had commendations to afford longer blades with better reach =(

    Happy Hunting

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    Re: 1v1's This morning

    Yeah I bet - lots of people wearing Wyrmscale cloaks, Limlight jewellery and 2K agility - I am sooooo far behind on gear lol....getting there though....still having a blast.

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    Re: 1v1's This morning

    wht 1v1's without me i hate u guys

    didnt get a 1v1 for over 3 weeks now its all the boring zerg huging npc's

    hope i get some of the love out there soon

    ./salute medo

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    Re: 1v1's This morning

    Yep, that was a good fight Ell, you beat me up pretty good...I'll get ya next time...

    Oh yeah, stop tracking me




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