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    Problem with buying subscription

    After receiving error (that one with updating credit card information) i have called my bank. They have told me that Turbine is trying to verify my card with $0 transactions which my Bank is naturally turning off. Now, I have seen in FAQ that it should be $1 but it isnt the case. Why turbine is trying to veryfy my card with method that wont be accepted in EU? Is USA different that way ;P ? I dont really want to call the support cause its painfully expensive in my country. Will I find help here?

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    The only people that can help you are the humans that work in Turbine Account Management. They are at the Pax East convention until Monday, April 14, 2014. Either call them on the telephone when the lines reopen on Monday. Or put in an email ticket and wait some days. Asking Turbine to set your credit card as your payment method.
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    The minimum amount that can be set for a transaction is set by the card endorser (Visa, MC, etc.). Visa accepts a $0 transaction which can happen if they are trying to verify the account (found this out from my bank last year when tracking down an issue). Don't know about the others but some may have a $1 minimum. Not sure if Visa/MC/whatever have different limits for different countries. At least in the US Visa uses $0 for account verification transactions (and Turbine is a US-based company). The bank should be following the rules setup by Visa/MC/et al and not changing them.

    Now, if Visa/MC/whoever has a $0 transaction for the US and a $1 transaction for the country you're in, that may be where the problem lies. Turbine, being a US company, follows the US rules and sends in a $0 transaction to verify the account. Their processing company (which may or may not accept any other amount) sends it up the line until it gets to your bank. Since no one along the way will change the amount from $0 to $1 (and I wouldn't expect any of them to) your bank sees what they consider an incorrect amount. Turbine has sent what they consider the correct amount. Everyone did what they were supposed to do but since they are not using the same rules to talk to each other it fails. Not sure if this is what is actually happening, it's just my best guess.

    As Yula said though, you'll need to talk to Turbine to get this resolved. They can do a manual transaction to get it to work when the normal means we have to use fail. Also, see the sticky Alternate Ways to Contact Account Support (particularly for International Players) for calling them overseas for reduced rates/free.
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    I've made a ticket, we'll see if I will get any kind of response..I am using MC and this is the first time i have such a problem. What's more interesting, I was dealing with US based mmo company (bioware/ea) and as my bank told me, they made inquiry in the amount of $1 as for setting different rules, my bank is one of major ones in my country and those kind of things are regulated by EU laws, so if UK player is able to purchase sub i should be able too, so maybe the problem lies elsewhere. Well, I will wait for some kindof response to my ticket. Thanks fo answers.



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