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    Turning is way out of whack

    So i came back to this game after a bit, and i think either my settings are changed, or the default settings are changed... either way i'm finding it incredibly hard to control my character, if i hold down the key for too long i've found that ive done a total 360. and i was just trying to turn like 90 degrees... i searched the options menu but i couldn't find anything about turning down the intensity of the turn...

    is there a easy fix or am i just gunna have to get use to it?

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    Re: Turning is way out of whack

    For most in-combat turning, I use the right mouse button to steer, but I do steer with the keyboard some. There's a setting in the "My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/UserPreferences.ini" file that has some control over the speed at which your character turns via the keyboard. There doesn't appear to be any direct access to the setting in the standard Options panel.

    Close the game. Open that file in Notepad or similar, and locate the TurnKeySpeed setting in the Input section:


    Change that to something else (another poster suggested 80; I prefer 120 or so). Higher numbers are faster turns, lower is slower. Save the file, start the game, and test. You may need to experiment with different values to find one you like.

    One poster speculated this number is the number of degrees rotated per second you hold the key down, but I can't verify that.


    If that doesn't help, you could try turning down the keyboard repeat settings in Windows' Keyboard control panel.
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    Re: Turning is way out of whack

    I'm glad someone was able to help you because all I could think of was, "what is a whack and how do you get out of one?"

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