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Thread: Clients

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    Is there a difference between clients? I have friends who play in the US who can get some of the add ins to work, and some EU based players (myself included) who cant.
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    Re: Clients

    There is only one version of the Lotro software. Unless you have the Russian client loaded for the one remaining non-Turbine operator.
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    Re: Clients

    Not all player-written plugins are localized to work with French or German selected as the in-game language. (All three are technically the same client.)

    If you'd like to help a plugin's author translate it to work in French or German, you should contact the author directly.

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    Re: Clients

    While interface translation may make it hard to use the plugin, it won't usually stop the plugin from running unless the plugin is comparing in-game strings such as item names or chat messages. What usually kills plugins is the number handling problem where euro clients (FR and DE) use the comma character to indicate a decimal while the English client uses a period. This causes the plugin to fail when loading settings/data saved in a previous session unless the author has taken measures to account for this (the Vindar patch is one of the more popular solutions).

    If what you are experiencing is that the plugin seems to run once, but after that it fails to load, then you are most likely encountering the numeric format bug. As a user you may be able to work around this by applying the Vindar patch yourself, Vindar included a set of instructions on applying the necessary changes manually in case you are concerned about using an .exe file (a valid concern). The patch can be found at:

    Note that even using the Vindar patch is not sufficient to overcome all possible issues, for instance, if the user saves their settings in a FR client, closes the client and in the launcher selects the EN client and then loads the plugin, the plugin will probably load but may incorrectly translate the values. In this situation, the author has to purposely coerce all loaded numeric values that can contain a fractional component into the format of the currently selected language before using them as a number - many authors don't take this additional step so you may have to reset your settings if you swap between the EN and FR/DE clients (FR to DE and DE to FR is not a problem since they both use the comma notation). Fortunately, most players seem to stick with one language.

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    Re: Clients

    On that trouble, I think I've seen once on a forum that you can change that directly inside Windows (if you are using it) to accept both the European way and the US way (comma and period). Or maybe it was a choice and change the EU version to the US version, can't remember.

    Somebody now anything about that ?

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    Re: Clients

    The failing to read the comma isn't an OS thing. Saved variables are actually Lua source code files (which is why they're always "return <some value>"). The Lua specification says that numeric constants are a number, an optional decimal part, plus an optional exponent. The optional decimal part is represented in the same way regardless of locale.

    Okay, technically you could probably rewrite the lua51.dll so that it would read numeric constants using either a decimal or a comma, but that's not really a safe solution, and it wouldn't surprise me if it violates the ToS.



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