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    Company of the White Tree - (Landroval RP)

    Who: Company of the White Tree
    What: Medium-Heavy Roleplaying Kinship on the Landroval Server for the Race of Man only.
    When: Active RP Kinship, Main RP Events are Saturdays at 9PM EST, with other events such as raids, questing and social events in between.
    Where: Kinship Hall located in the town of Dunberth in the Bree-land Homesteads.
    Kinship URL: www.gondor.guildlaunch.com
    Alliance URL: www.celebigil.guildlaunch.com

    We are a Medium to Heavy roleplaying kinship on the Landroval Server for those of the race of man only. Specificaly those who play as Gondorians or other men who perhaps through some turn of events in there background find themselves devoted to wageing war in Gondor in the South. As a Gondorian themed roleplaying kinship, we pride ourselves on being the oldest ACTIVE Gondorian kinship on our server. While we are a military themed kinship of Gondorian soldiers and scouts, in our charge we have a detatchment of civilians who strive to return with us, under our watchful care. Together, civilians and soldiers share a lifestyle of hardship yet mutual support. We have our own epic storyline that is roleplayed through weekly kinship events. Our tale is one of loyalty to Gondor through the toils of war and hardships of the long road home as we strive to return home to Gondor and prepare for war. If you think you have what it takes to draw steel in the name of Gondor and make a stand against the Shadow in the East, then inquire at the URL above!

    The Company is comprised of smaller military units called Branches. Currently we have three Branches, the Soldiers, the Scouts, and the Civilian Escort which is managed and overseen by the Office of the Quartermaster. Each is led by its own Leader, with the Captain-General commanding the Company as a whole. Each Branch has their own style of warfare and roleplaying style as well as their own use and purpose in supporting the Company as a whole. (See more information about the Branches at our kinship website!) As a military organisation we roleplay day to day ensuring that our army is organised, trained, fed and equipped for the war ahead of us as we fight our way back home to Gondor. (See storyline information regarding the kinship background at our guild website.) When we roleplay, our members are expected to maintain a strict sense of military bearing and code of conduct, yet when we are not roleplaying, we are very relaxed and easy to get along with. Besides roleplaying events led by our leadership and members alike, we also host weekly questing events, raids, and social events! Our goal is to provide a fun environment for the fans of Tolkien's Middle Earth to enjoy and spend a few hours when they see fit in a drama-free environment among friends.

    If you are looking for a kinship that can provide you with a detailed and vivid Gondorian experience outside and (In time) inside Gondor. Then please make your way to our kinship website and get started! If we aren't exactly what you're looking for, perhaps one of our allied kinships is? You can visit our alliance website too and see what other like minded kinships are available!

    Point of Contact in game: Gimiladun, Cyrcie, Isilene, Televir, Ahum

    Kinship Website: www.gondor.guildlaunch.com
    Alliance Website: www.celebigil.guildlaunch.com

    Posted by Isilene Valcrest, Captain-General
    Last edited by Hopeforge25; Oct 05 2012 at 02:31 PM.

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    Company of the White Tree is still around and growing stronger! Visit us at our new website and see what's going on

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    Company of the White Tree has continued its journey home! Our campite has moved into the Trollshaws.

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    Feel free to stop by and check us out during our RP Events, every Saturday at 9pm EST!

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    Company of the White Tree has moved its campsite to Rivendell! Follow our storyline at http://gondor.guildlaunch.com as we strive to return to Gondor and make ready for war!

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    The Company of the White Tree is still around and is preparing to continue it's journey south!



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