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    2nd Annual Omishan Challenge!

    2nd Annual Omishan Challenge – June 2nd, 2012 @ 7pm EST Silverlode Server

    What is the Omishan Challenge?
    On Asheron's Call 2's continent of Omishan, there was a large scale race upon which this event gets it's inspiration. This will be a waypoint race that will span much of the available landmass of Middle Earth.

    This race features 3 divisions. Each player is placed in a division based upon their character's level, however, you may participate in a lower division if you do not have the necessary regions unlocked for your level. The Burun Division is for characters level 1 to 44 and Free-to-Play player friendly. The Virindi Division is for characters level 45 to 60 and requires players to have Moria unlocked. Lastly, the Olthoi Division is for characters level 61 to 75 and requires all current expansions to be unlocked.

    The race will feature 3 legs (a leg consists of a series of 4-7 waypoints), with all 3 divisions starting together, and running the same waypoints. The Burun Division's finish line is at the end of the first leg. The Virindi Division's finish line is the end of the second leg. The Olthoi Division finishes at the end of the third leg.

    When and Where?
    All Racers should report for check in at 6:45pm EST, to allow for a headcount and pre-race announcements.
    All waypoint volunteers should check in at 6:30pm EST for waypoint meeting and placements.

    The Race will be held on Saturday, June 2nd at 7:00pm EST.

    The starting line will be at the entrance to the Clan of Dereth Kinhouse: 5 Roaring Road, Tonbry Neighborhood, Thorin's Hall Homesteads (SW corner of neighborhood).

    What are the possible rewards?
    Each division has it's own reward structure, and payouts to at least 3rd place. These reward values are not finalized, but are the minimum. In other words, if a lot more people donate to the prize fund, these values will be increased to represent that increased value in the pot. There will be gold, relics, sigils, tokens, scrolls, symbols, and more!

    Olthoi Division (levels 61+):
    1st Place: 150 Gold, 2 Worn Symbols, 2 Sigils, Stack of T5 Relics, Stack of T7 Tokens and Battle Scrolls (both types)

    Virindi Divison (levels 45-60):
    1st Place: 50 Gold, 6 Mithril Flakes + choice T6 or below Crafted armor set, ixp & xp bonus items

    Burun Division (levels 1-44):
    1st Place: 25 Gold + choice of T5 or below Crafted armor set

    Of special note:
    Each division requires a minimum of 4 entrants. If any division does not get enough entrants, its gold will be forfeit and non-gold rewards will become prizes to the remaining division(s).

    How do I Enter?
    To enter, simply send an in-game mail to Cheeze with your participating character's name, class, and level. This year there is NO ENTRY FEE! That's right, Free! Prizes have been covered by the officers of Clan of Dereth and generous donations from members and friends!

    What Are the Rules of the Race?
    The rules are quite simple. Starting at the starting line, racers will be given the location (in coordinates and region info) of the first 'waypoint' (a Clan of Dereth officer or volunteer). Their objective is then to get to that waypoint. Once they arrive at the waypoint, they are required to emote to that officer/volunteer (/wave or /bow or any emote) to mark their arrival in the chat log, that officer will announce the next waypoint location in local chat, and the racer can then move on. There will be on-the-fly announcements throughout the race of little extras you can do to earn more prizes so pay attention! Even if you aren't in the front, you can still win in many different ways.

    What is allowed? (a complete list)
    Horses/Ponies, Run Speed Buffs, Stable Travel Routes (swift and non-swift)

    What is NOT allowed?
    Hunter Ports, Map Recalls, Racial Recalls, Reputation Recalls, Warden Ports, Captain Summons, Acorns, Desperate Flight, Lothlorien Summoning Horns, Mustering Horns, Campfire Ports, and ANY OTHER TRAVEL OPTIONS NOT MENTIONED! You will be grouped with everyone else, so no cheating.

    How can I prepare?
    The racers with the 'best' chance are going to be the racers that know their way around Middle Earth, have as many horse paths unlocked as possible, and can quickly recognize region names and plan routes accordingly. It's recommended that racers be on the upper end of the level requirements for their division. Effort has been made to avoid as much combat as possible while en route, however, it is possible you could get knocked off your mount if you aren't careful where you are going. If you find that you are having problems because of combat, there is most likely a better way to go. A lot of the waypoints are puzzles and the coordinates will only get you so far. Knowing building floor plans, where ramps are, and tricks of the landscape will get you much farther than simply following the coordinates. Don't worry, you've most likely visited every waypoint sometime in the past - an experienced player should have no problem finding the person to emote and they will always be standing out in the open. If you have a choice in characters to enter, enter the one with the best chance of being successful. The Virindi Division will visit Moria so those players will need the Mines of Moria expansion pack to compete. The Olthoi Division will visit all current end game expansions so participants will need all content unlocked to compete in that division. Also, download and install vent - make sure it works prior to start time.

    What Else Should I Know?
    In addition to the winning racers taking home prizes, random rewards will be given out to racers throughout the race. Listen to announcements in vent (you will need vent to participate) for instructions to earn extra bonuses. Those prizes will include Gold, Relics, and various other things. Remember the old game show Let's Make a Deal? Come to the race with your bags full of random Middle Earth items! Remember the little ol’ lady dressed like Rudolf that won $100 for having a pencil in her pocket? Do you see where I'm going with this? Good. I can't wait to see what people have come prepared with. There will also be pre-determined places slotted to receive prizes at certain waypoints - the only guarantee is that the prize will not go to the first or second racer to emote the waypoint.

    Any Other Questions?
    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can send an in-game mail to Cheeze.
    Thanks for your interest! And I can't wait to see all of you on Race Day!

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    Re: 2nd Annual Omishan Challenge!

    This is one little hunter who's excited to ride! Ride like the wind bullseye!

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