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Thread: Mid 50's Armor

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    Mid 50's Armor

    Just hit 57 and I'm still wearing the Fem set. Should I be looking to get the teal lvl60 Moria armor or what is the recommended set to carry me through to Dunland?
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    Re: Mid 50's Armor

    The lvl 58 teal guild armor will hold you to 65 no problem. Of course it takes 6 Supreme Master crests (1wk cooldown) and 6 Mithril flakes to make a full set. If you want to grind moria content for the tokens the raid armor is very nice, and would probly take you to 70+.

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    Re: Mid 50's Armor

    Yes, level 58-60 teal Moria set.
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    Re: Mid 50's Armor

    Still with Fem? NE angmar had good gear. why didnt ya use it?

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    Re: Mid 50's Armor

    I think the Tailor guild 58 gear is done exclusive for Wardens...So much Might on it and medium or low agility in most parts
    I have a hunter and I also have problem find a good hunter gear!

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    Re: Mid 50's Armor

    Think out of the box, guys. Moria blues are great for all classes but only open up at 58-60.

    Until then run school and library at [your level] or [your level+1]. There is truly epic l00tz to be had.

    Level 55 versions of Master Tiller's stuff:

    Fine Leather Boots: Fine Leather Leggings:

    288 Armour Value 599
    +46.8 ICPR 46.8
    +61 power
    +54 agi 36
    +36 fate
    +220 PMR 220 PMR

    Seriously, my minstrel was using the level 50 scholar's bookmark till level 62.



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