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    Burglar Ranged Weapon Idea...

    I read in a thread on the burglar forums that some players want a ranged weapon for Burglars. Well i was stabbing some enemies in the back today and i thought you know what would be nice is maybe a Sling Shot that can be used to range attack enemies. Turbine can implement this 1 of 2 ways. First way make the Sling Shot a ranged weapon just like a bow or crossbow with stats and such. Second way make it a skill but in order to use it you have to slot the ammo in your ranged slot. IE; Blinding Dust Shot: -15% Miss Chance for 30 seconds, Interrupts Inductions. Details: Your Blinding Dust shot disrupts any actions your enemy is doing and lowers their Hit chance. 10 Second Cooldown. Well think about it Turbine it would be nice to have something else that Burglars can slot in their ranged slots other than the Signals that i would like to say from lv55 to 75 they are the same...

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    Re: Burglar Ranged Weapon Idea...

    Ohh a ranged weapon for burgs .. please pretty please!



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