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    Upcoming changes

    I am familiar with LUA, however, I am not familiar with the specific workings of LOTRO LUA. So, I am curious as to weather the upcoming changes in update 7 affect Fellowship/Raid members and can you programmatic target them yet?
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    Re: Upcoming changes

    Party/Raid vitals and the like was the last two updates.

    You can create controls (i.e., things you click on) that let you target party members. And their pets. (See EntityControl)

    Edit: The API documentation is here. Pay attention to Turbine.Gameplay, specifically Turbine.Gameplay.LocalPlayer, Turbine.Gameplay.Party, and Turbine.Gameplay.PartyMember.

    Code example of the party API being used is here.
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    Re: Upcoming changes

    Have the bugs with the party API mostly been fixed now?
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    Re: Upcoming changes

    It misses player join events when you're in a raid, but getting out of sync there doesn't cause a crash, so it's not quite as annoying. You'll probably need a reloader, but honestly at this point I can't be bothered to write one.

    Effects are still wonky, and you'll have to do some playing around to figure out what effects are actually on a player. I'm not sure there's a way to get it to be perfectly accurate, but I'm okay with the occasional false positive.

    Edit: You can poll the effects in another apartment in order to figure out which effects still exist, so while there are bugs, you can hack around all of them.
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