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    [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes! We here at the Landroval Times would love to see where it is you adventurers hang your hats up at the end of a long day of battles (even if it's just a day of battling the barkeep to keep your tab open!)

    As there are so many of us that are still interested in the housing aspect of the game, I thought this would be a lovely way to have users display their homes and show that people do still care about housing.

    Each week in May, we'll be giving away prizes to the top Standard, Deluxe, and Kin homes (as voted on via a poll that will be posted on the Landroval Times). This will culminate in a best of the best vote at the end of the month, where the previous winners will compete for the grand prize in their category, and overall.

    Though the competition started off on the Landroval server, I've received a number of people interested in participating from other servers, so I've decided to open the contest up. Obviously, weekly winners from servers outside of Landroval will be unable to collect the crafted furniture/Gold prizes, but all submissions are entered for the Ultimate Grand Prize of 1550 TP at the end of the month. Plus, it's just nice to have your home praised as players' favourites.

    The deadline to submit images of your home (interior and exterior) for week 3 is MAY 13th!

    Submission Regulations

    • Please make sure there are no names visible in the screencaps.
    • Do not edit the screencaps (so no photoshop, or other editing software please).
    • You do not have to feature your character in any of the images, though you can if you'd like.
    • Include a minimum of 4 screencaps (though you may, of course, include more).
    • Remember to include images of your yard.
    • The screencaps must be of your own house and reflect the way it is currently decorated.
      • If entering the kin house competition, you must be the kin leader/owner of the house.
    • ONE submission per person (entering more times will not increase your chance at the grand prize)
    How to Submit
    • Email your images to admin@landrovaltimes.info OR send ' redpoisonapple ' a PM on the lotro forums.
    • The images can be sent as links, or if emailing, as attachments.
    • Put down which category you are entering (Standard House, Deluxe House, Kinship House).
    • Include your home's full address (including server) and the homeowner's name.
    • Please, also write down a few words (can be as long, or as short as you'd like) describing your home, what your home means to your character (if it means anything at all that is), and the decoration style you chose. This will be posted up with your screenshots for others to read.
    • There are prizes given out weekly to the top voted Standard, Deluxe, and Kin house. They are as follows:
      • Standard House prizes:
        • 3 Traveling Rations
        • 1 Red Canopy Bed
        • 1 Small Feasting Table
        • 1 Leaf Blade Candlestand
        • 1 Scholar's Small Bentwood Bookshelf
        • 1 Gold
      • Deluxe House prizes:
        • 6 Traveling Rations
        • 1 Red Canopy Bed
        • 1 Breakfast Table
        • 1 Starry Chandelier
        • 1 Scholar's Bentwood Bookshelf
        • 1 Gold
      • Kinship House prizes:
        • 1 Large Feasting Table
        • 1 Cushioned Bench
        • 1 Wooden Keg
        • 1 Scholar's Round Table
        • 1 Scholar's Pointed Bookshelf
        • 1 Gold
    All entrants also receive one crafted wall paint, and one crafted rug, just for participating.

    At the end of the month, the winners of the previous weeks will compete for the grand prize in their category.

    • Standard grand prize:
      • 10 Gold
    • Deluxe grand prize:

      • 15 Gold
    • Kinship grand prize:
      • 25 Gold
    • There is also a grand prize for the top personal house of 1550 TP which all submissions are entered for!
    Here is the submission deadline schedule:
    1. Week One: Awards have been sent out. Congratulations to Fionnuala and Tathlian of Landroval!
    2. Week Two: Voting starts Wednesday and closes Sunday, May 13th at noon EDT.
    3. Week Three: Must have screenshots submitted by Sunday, May 13th 11:59pm EDT. Pictures will be posted up on Monday and Tuesday. Voting starts Wednesday and closes Sunday, May 20th at noon EDT.
    4. Week Four: Must have screenshots submitted by Sunday, May 20th 11:59pm EDT. Pictures will be posted up on Monday and Tuesday. Voting starts Wednesday and closes Sunday, May 27th at noon EDT.
    Winners will be announced on Sundays both on the Landroval Times website, and here on the forums.

    If there are any questions, concerns, or comments, please let me know! You can email me, or PM me on the lotro forums (redpoisonapple).

    Good Luck to everyone!
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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    The results of Week 2 voting are in!
    The winner, with 69% of the votes in the Deluxe House category is Entry 2 by Irialeth!

    HOWEVER! As Irialeth is on Arkenstone, the prize goes to our second place winner, Kaleigh Starshine!

    Kaleigh will receive 1 G, a slew of crafted furniture, and is entered to win the Grand Prize in the Deluxe Home category at the end of the month (10G for standard, 15G for deluxe).

    As there were no entries for the Kin House Category, the 1G prize will be carried over to week 3!

    Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for voting and submitting!

    Entries for Week 3 will be going up tonight and tomorrow.


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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Here are the first four lovely homes that have entered Week 3s Parade of Homes contest! The other three will be featured in a separate post (to avoid too many images on one page). Be sure to look them over carefully, fullsized images are on the Landroval Times post.

    Voting begins Wednesday!


    Entrant No. One

    1. Oh! Hello there friend, I see you are admiring my frontyard. Won’t you join me inside for some tea? I sense a storm is on its way; the air smells of rain and honeysuckle. Come along now.
    2. Feel free to take a book from the shelf or look through the maps on the table if you like. Just put them back like you found them if you do.
    3. Isn’t that little windmill in the corner just delightful? I think it adds a whimsical touch, much like the wreath on the wall.
    4. Ah yes, what Elf does not long for the sea? The waves crashing on the shoreline, the moonlight glowing on the water..
    5. Warm yourself by the fire. We can sit and talk here while you drink your tea. Then we’ll continue the tour.
    6. The inspiration for this room was my homeland, Lothlorien. That tapestry once hung in my old house there.
    7. My bedroom of course. That map of Rivendell on the wall, you see? ‘Tis a reminder of a joyful summer spent with my distant relatives. I’ll tell you about it next visit.
    8. On the far wall, you see a Dwarven mural in gold that is most beloved to me. My father instilled in me a respect for the culture of the Dwarves before he left.
    9. Gracious! The clouds have grown darker, yet no rain. Let me light the lanterns so you dont trip over the stone pathway on your way out. Farewell, friend. My door is always open to you.

    Entrant No. Two

    This house is open to visitors at any time; brave adventurers needing a warm fire by which to rest for a bit are welcome.

    To be honest, none of the heroic women who share this home are hobbits. Then why, might you ask, did we choose the Shire for our home? The answer is simple, really: we are elves and human women who are unlike many of our kinswomen in that we roam Middle Earth, fighting evil where we find it. We are rarely able to return to this place of refuge, but when we do, we like to be in a pleasant, peaceful land, with festivals and crafting areas in abundance. C___ graciously offered each of us refuge when the battles have become too much, and we must needs rest until we can return to fight again, rested and resupplied.

    This home has an eclectic style, befitting the variety of adventurers who share it. There are treasures from many daring campaigns, including General Talug’s Armour, which any visitor may try on. There are many decorations found at the aformentioned festivals, including wallpaper, a snow globe, windmills and maps. And there are cozy rugs, lamps, fireplaces, bookcases and other furnishings that provide a welcoming feeling to the tired traveler. There is also the resident dormouse (or maybe dormice? We have only seen one), to whom we provide cheese, as we find its antics amusing.

    Entrant No. Three

    C___, a retired captain, lives in this deluxe house. The yard is kept natural, unadorned except for several well-tended trees. The interior is in the rustic style, featuring marble, wood paneling, and stone. The trophies give the main room the look of a hunting lodge. The bedroom is simple but cozy, warmed by a roaring fire and a thick bear rug. The study features C___’s passion for books, maps, and elvish craftsmanship. The knight and stars tapestry reflects C___’s Gondorian heritage. Although his travels keep him away from home a great deal, C___ is always glad to return and enjoy a good smoke.

    Entrant No. Four

    I choose to decorate my home with some of my Quest and Annivesary items that I have collected over the years, a small museum that reminds me of my travels in Middle Earth.
    Thank you,

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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Second part of this week's entries. Fullsize images can be seen at this Landroval Times post.

    Voting begins Wednesday!

    Entrant No. Five

    Welcome to the home of A___ of Lorien. The yard is filled with relics from my homeland. The bench at the front of the yard is turned to face the waterfalls in the distance. It’s a lovely place to sit and watch the sun rise or set, and let the peace of the Falathlorn Homesteads soak into your spirit. It is an elven scholar’s home. There are shelves of books, scrolls, and maps collected over many years throughout the lower level of the home. There is a dining room off to the side of the main room. It has a table set with a meal just waiting for hobbit friends to arrive. The upstairs is where the bedroom is located. There is a crackling fireplace and a friendly mouse that wait for you to take your rest.

    Entrant No. Six

    My life is made of beauty and feelings. After battles, I do not seek for daily troubles and thus I was avoiding Bree and the surround. And I thought everything was perfect until I entered Istor.

    It was a bright day, the sun was high. Although the soil was dusty the heat exhaled a smell of scorched earth, the birds were chirping while an imperceptible breeze softened the bite of the sun.

    On each side of the road, cut-stone houses. The gardens decorated with care gave a sense of wellbeing. Gildin trotted along, shaking his mane, and I let him lead. He paused. I slapped the tongue but he stood still. I could sense a sweet freshness over me. Not far away the roar of a waterfall. A silvery stream escaped in a green haven. What a feeling! My look wandered over the landscape when I saw it. Like any other and yet different. It seemed abandoned. The garden was cluttered, weeds growing everywhere. I walked towards the door. No light. I entered. I never left. it was my heaven.

    I can not left behind who i am and the garden is probably more elven than Breeland, but is welcome to friends.

    The interior is different:
    I chose bright or dark colors blending perfectly with the surrounding nature.
    The main room is vast, and perhaps almost empty for you, but offers a joyous and luminous atmosphere for music, dance and storytelling. Flowers everywhere, colorful bouquets, sweet or spicy scents.
    The red room, or Room of trophies is a reminder of the threats we all face.
    The blue room is my heaven. Here I can meditate and soothe my soul.

    May you find your Home to cheer you and keep you safe!

    Entrant No. Seven

    S_____ isn’t a typical dwarf. Starting by making his home in the land of Bree, his choice of decoration varies from the simple comfort of Men, the practical art of the Hobbits through the reliable solid work of his kin, the Dwarves and he even integrates the grace and laced work of the Elves. This home perfectly symbolises the great need of cooperation of all the Free Peoples in these dark times. S_____ managed to finance this great house by taking his chance at the great Treasure Hunt with the help of his faithful pet , Dostya. Dostya and the riches he dug can still be found in the estate. At the highest point of the yard stands proudly the mighty banner of all the Free, which intensifies the aforementioned theme of the house.

    After resting up all of yesterday’s tiresome adventures, S_____ has a self-made hearty breakfast in the living room. After that he often spends an hour or two at the map of the Mines of Moria, thinking out any new way or strategy to help his kin retake their lost kingdom at long last from the clutches of the orcs. Then the dwarf spends some minutes in the trophy room reflecting upon defeating the vilest of foes with his closest friends and comrades. And of course he hung up the biggest catches of his life, too, being a full-blooded angler. As a patriotic Dwarf, S_____ holds and cherishes a number of the finest Dwarven crafts, not leaving out an always full keg of fresh beer, which he takes a long pull at occasionally. On calm evenings, S_____ just sits down in the garden, looking down upon the peaceful land he pledged to protect, gaining a new found power against the forces of evil…

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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Voting is open for week 3! http://www.landrovaltimes.info/news-...week-3-voting/

    Remember, everyone has until this Sunday at noon to send in their submissions to be entered for the grand prize of 1550 TP!

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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Another fantastic event put together by our community. Really great work guys.

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    Re: [Housing Contest] Parade of Homes

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Another fantastic event put together by our community. Really great work guys.
    Since u here meybe some update to house system with ror could be ncie after 5 years



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