Seekers of Silmarils is a small Rank 7 kinship looking to expand it's membership. We welcome players of all levels. We have no restrictions on classes or experience level at this time. Seekers of Silmarils was originally started by a group of close friends that were looking for something different out of their original kinship. Seekers was not founded with the goal of becoming a hardcore raiding kinship but instead was founded in hopes of finding a great group of players to spend our time in Middle Earth together. Our main goal is to work together as a kinship to better each other in every aspect of the game whether it is end-game content, crafting, deeding, or just plain old leveling together.

We have many helpful and friendly members available during the day and evening hours to offer advice, to group with, and to help provide crafted gear when possible. Some of our members run weekly events with the goal of learning to work together in a raid setting, to better understand your character, and also to help obtain better gear. These events usually include 6 mans instances and 12 man skirmishes/raids. If you are interested in giving Seekers of Silmarils a try please feel free to send a tell to an officer in game or apply online at: