Our philosophy here is "one for all- all for one" In battle, crafting, playing music, and knowledge, we are for one another. As a kin we seek those of kindred minds interested in the good of their kinmates and not just their own good. Here, loyalty is an honor earned by showing loyalty, here, friendship is an honor earned by being a friend. We are growing, evolving, trying new things all the time, and will not stop. We have seasoned warriors who I am proud to know, not just because they are good in a fight, but good in heart to help their kinmates. We also have a beautiful kin house in Falathorn, where we meet, have our parties, and hang our trophies. Do you fit this family? Only you may know that, we welcome you, offer you a home where you will be cared for, our doors are open to you, our weapons ready for to aide you, and our hearts open to your friendship. You can mail LaHuntressCullen or Mirthanfien and or any officer in game. You can email Cullen at WOFDN@yahoo.com or visit our website at WODN.guildlaunch.com and fill out application