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    Suicide King System Plugin?!


    i would like to ask if there is some Suicide King System Plugin for Lotro available? Actually i have not found something on lotrointerfaces.com. My Kinship an i are looking for such a solution. A Webbased solution would also be OK, but ingame it would be really great for our raidleaders.

    Does anyone know if there is already such a plugin available?


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    Re: Suicide King System Plugin?!

    The plugin system in lotro is pretty restrictive as to what you can do. Not saying it's impossible, it may well be. If one was in existance already you would probably find it here - http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/index.php

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    Re: Suicide King System Plugin?!

    Don't think there's a plugin for it already. Wouldn't be too hard to do.

    Command to add new members to the Suicide Kings list - typing it once tells you who's not on the list and needs to roll. Once it's entered, it starts tracking /rolls, and then adds everyone once it's seen rolls from everyone who needs to roll (and ties have been broken).

    Command to move a member to the bottom of the list after getting loot.

    Shouldn't be too hard. If it doesn't exist, you might want to describe how it should work - I don't think everyone's used/administered an SK (I know I haven't tried administering one), so potential scripters might not be aware of just what sort of functionality is needed.

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    Anybody found a plugin or proggy for this yet ?



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