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    Thumbs up Looking for a kinship?

    Hello and good day, my name is malx and i'm tired of changing kin evrytime i feel bored (!) It's not me its the majority of the member who's so busy talkin instead of helpin! Faramir's army was one of the lamest i've been on! I'm regretin leaving crimson fury :/ they helped me alot both with quests and extra Ps: I wanna thank keldur from crimson fury for evrything

    I cant even understand why i left :/

    But i'm not grievin nor do i want them to take me back!

    To be clear i'm a lonewarrior, i helped people i dont even know with fellowship quests, and its fun being the one who's takin the responsible.

    I'm lvl 39 champion, with good skill and very good health!

    If you see me wanderin in annuminas i'm probably doing quest there

    Yesterday i was doing instance with Necessary Roughness!!!! I was doing ''The tomb of Elendil''? And i try it with 3 fellowship and we failed at first try.. So thnx to mattaz and his friends we where able to finnish it..... at last. That was one of the longest instance i did

    So today i created a newly kin... Called sauron's army and i hope to get more members.

    I played other games sucha as lord of ultima wich is an mmorts games. In loU i created an alliance called ''the islanders''.. From rank 144 to 26.
    I have 5 kingdoms, and i have 90.000 army (total) still i'm playing it!

    That was just a short info, if u like to join and be apart of this kin, pm me.
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