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    Weatherstock IV band signup.


    Its that time of year again! Landrovals event of all events is coming in June (16) ! We are now taking band signups. Goto Landroval forums to get your established band in the running for the largest band competition in LOTRO! Prizes will total at least 300 gold with 100 gold for each of 3 prizes.

    The prizes are;

    Peoples Choice
    Light in the Darkness
    Lonely Mountain Band choice

    This event is open to any and all bands on any server. To be elgible, your group must have documented performances on your server, You and your band will need to roll alts on Landroval and get out of the beginner instance. Then you should contact anyone in The Lonely Mountain Band by game mail or shout out to get your mentoring and outfits of your choice settled. After that just wait till its time to ROCK!

    In the days leading up to this massive event, you might want to enter our "concert" series to give a taste of what your capable of to the general public. There will probably be prizes for that also.

    You MUST register your band on the Landroval Thread before it closes if your interested! See these links for more about Weatherstock.

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    Re: Weatherstock IV band signup.

    Anyone who plays on Ark only had to look at that pic and not read any of the text to know that it wasn't taken on this server. Freddy, our blind 3-year old hamster with one leg (bless his lil ol' heart), doesn't have enough stamina in him to power our server when that many people are in an area. He's such a great trooper that we should pitch in and buy him a tiny shoe (just one) if he makes it to World Rat Day next year (http://www.worldratday.com/WhatIs.html).

    Maybe then Ark be half has powerful as Landy. Good luck with your shindig! Hopefully nobody will play country music.
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    Re: Weatherstock IV band signup.

    Anyone else notice the guy in the lower right corner in the grey and orange cloak ? I kinda like the look of it

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    Re: Weatherstock IV band signup.

    Summer of love at Weatherstock. Maybe we do need to get one of these going on Ark.
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