Do you love LOTRO, but are too busy to have a set gaming schedule, or love the gaming but hate the drama?
Come join The Shadow Conspiracy!

- Casual, PVE, Solo and group play
- Non-mandatory weekly skirmish night
- No age limit, open to any level, any race
- Stay friendly! If you ask for help, be willing to help, though group play isn't mandatory

The members we have that play frequently are few, but very friendly, and helpful with crafting, group play, etc.
If you're looking for a kin that will make you feel at home without any guild pressure, we're the right place for you!
Find me in-game: my character names are Freyya, Tyene, Oestara, and Gloriahna, and my second in command is Kraymoth.

Feel free to respond to me here or in-game if you'd like to join! Happy questing!