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    draigoch scale drop frustration

    pretty much says it all the game developers should do is once u hit double digit numbers for each threshold u get 1 scale every 10 increments . since he resets every week after u hit 10 u get 1 scale for patinece then another when u succesfully killed him another 10 times. some have dont have the luxury of a raiding group .

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    Re: draigoch scale drop frustration

    I'm sure a lot of guys would like that but honestly - I don't think this makes any sense? I mean getting a reward for beating something for the first time isn't that realistic too but getting a reward for beating a grind raid a lot of times … ? If that would have been the case when Draigoch was released after ten weeks everyone who was on the level cap by the release now would have the cloak.

    All these guys now only want the special Necklace barter drop and the advanced cloak barter thingy from Saruman that they get after they beat him 25 times.

    There wouldn't be any uniqueness if that would be like that and this isn't how LOTRO works.

    And yes you are right - some don't have the luxury to get into a raiding group but do you know that you don't need the scales/cloak? There are a couple of other really good cloaks that drop in lvl 75 instances. (Like Longol and Sarchol and all the crafted ones for example)

    My kinship does two to three draigoch runs a week and when we finished it we have a rule that only he ones who don't have a cloak on any of his alts are allowed to roll on the scales. This way everyone who attends a couple of times will get it someday.

    May I ask why you can't get the luxury of a raid group? Maybe you should change that at first.

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    Re: draigoch scale drop frustration

    My suggestion would be to either join a kin that is capable of raiding or join a PUG group. I have seen many successful PUG raids weekly. Otherwise what's the point of getting this cloak? There are plenty of adequate cloaks that you can get from non-raids.
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