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    Post [WIP] Adventure Kinship with RP elements - (with additional european player base)


    Hi fellow Dwarrowdelfians.

    I am on that fabulous Server since I started playing LOTRO in Oktober 2010. I always (well mostly) had good times in GLFF, PUGs, three different Kinships and with just meeting people all over Middle Earth.

    Now with two characters at the level cap and another one approaching it constantly, I started some thinking about what I would like to add to the general game experience in LOTRO - and here I am not just talking about my game-experience. Of course I am interested in raiding and regular grouping for end-game stuff, which I do a lot atm (and Awakened is the perfect kinship for that). But also there is the really enjoyable non-lvl-75 content, which in my opinion these days really gets a low deal. So I had some ideas but before starting on that I wanted to see if there is some resonance and/or ideas for that.

    Also I like many others from Dwarrowdelf am from Europe. That means getting into raids requires to stay up until 2AM (which is 7PM in the US). I do that - a lot - but I know several european timezone based guys from Dwarrowdelf that can't do that. So additionally I want to try to bring the non-US-timezone guys together under one roof so they as well can get everything done they couldn't join else. That means this kinship would have next to the majority of US members an additional european player base as well.

    (Next to the majority of US guys on my friend list and guys that I group with a lot, I also already have vivid contact to guys from great britain, germany, netherlands, greece, spain, south africa, scandinavia, poland, romania, france, italy, austria - all scattered over several kinship on our feisty server.)

    What this Kinship would not be?

    It will be a kinship that does not focus on:
    • power leveling
    • hardcore raiding
    • end-game and grinding fixation
    • DKP
    • impersonal rush-through-content & gear-up-as-fast-as-possible thinking
    • what-does-that-bring-me? mentality
    It won't be another kinship that ninja invites randoms and that posts weird recruiting shouts in all of the chats like "We are a huge (more than 800 members) kinship of rank 2 and we want everyone. We have all kinds of crafting vocations."

    Although the last part indeed is true, we won't see kinship size and crafting as a reason to join. For this kinship the goals of that kinship are the facts that matter - which are Adventure & RP.

    What would this new kinship look like?
    • Theme: Adventure
    • with RP (role-play) elements
    • no racial and level requirements
    • a group of members that cares about the person behind the monitor

    What will it do?

    • regular kinship stuff with all kinds of what a kinship does these days, but also ...

    • Adventure themed "events", with one or maybe several instances/encounters/quests between levels 20-75
    • possibly packed in roleplaying (no hardcore RP … just slight middle-earth like behavior)

    • that for example could look like this:
      • a meeting at the Kinship House or at a special location somewhere in Middle-Earth
      • gearing up of every attendee (armour, weapons, food, pots, consumables, scrolls …)
      • the journey / escort to the destination (discovery)
      • the actual instance/encounter/quest
      • the aftermath with the travel back and the ceremonial placing of the trophy, if there is one

    • it will have special themed events for example the "In Their Absence" week or the Moria-Expedition as well as the Conquest of Dol Guldur … and many more

    • to actively enjoy the game with all its facets at all levels
    • to additionally acquire new gear/cosmetics, to see places that you wouldn't ever have imagined they existed and also get completion / meta deeds done

    Who is it meant to be for?
    • everyone that wants to have the full LOTRO experience and likes to communicate with others
    • players from both Europe and from everywhere else as well
    • everyone who also wants to do instances even if it doesn't give great amount of XP, better gear that they already have or other actually usable loot
    • people that mostly solo through LOTRO and think "I don't need a kinship" … everyone wants to do exiting Adventures
    • people who want to take part in the social life in a kinship
    I know there are a lot of people out there that never saw any of the nice "old" stuff for level 40 to 65 (for example the guys that started LOTRO only a couple of months ago). And as it looks like at the moment they probably would never see that as well. But this indeed is very very sad, because there is a lot of awesome stuff that is so worth playing … not only lore-wise. This new kinship will cover every content equally regardless of its level.


    My old rank 10 kinship where I am Officer at will be going through a reset/restart/revamp/reformation. The Leader is not playing much anymore and no, it's not Awakened. This whole idea here is what we came up with until now. But as the title says it is still "work-in-progress". My old kinship has a player base already but we will be going through all different kind of alterations (dead member disbands, reset in the leadership and officership, new kinship house and most important a new kinship name (which we are still working on). So it basically is a new kinship - it just comes with a player base and a kinship house.

    The rest will be organized democratically. That's why I create this thread in advance.

    And what now?

    I wanted to let you guys know about this project and now I am interested in your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Maybe you are interested, maybe you know guys who are interested in that kind of playing and enjoying LOTRO, maybe you know someone from european time-zones. Everything would help.

    I hope for some feedback.

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    Re: [WIP] Adventure Kinship with RP elements - (with additional european player base)

    That's a really good idea, and you should keep working on it! BUT the only problem I think now is: most people that visits the forums are on the raiding or are longtimers in their kins, maybe it's not the best option to announce your project.

    Anyway, good luck with it! I'm always glad to help if you need a cappytard.
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