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Thread: Tuesday's Fight

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    Tuesday's Fights

    I can say, in all the time I have been in the Moors, I have never experienced lag like that. A 2-5 second delay between a new target selection and when it shows up on the assist window, and 3-6 second delay between when a skill is toggled and when it is actually executed is incredibly frustrating. Happened with and without the video actively recording.

    Still, some great fights.

    At first, I was like:

    Then I was like:

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    Re: Tuesday's Fight

    Hmm. when its a full raid like that i usually just take off the other groups name from my screen.. of course a warg does not have to heal on my lm i dont have the luxury. It looks like you have your graphics down already.. anytime there are healing rks and lm fire there tends to be lag.. sorry buddy, take comfort in knowing you were not the only one. <3

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    Re: Tuesday's Fight

    Turn off avatar special effects in the UI panel. You'll be surprised.

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