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Thread: New to RP

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    Question New to RP

    Dear everyone,

    I have never looked into the concept of RP before. I always just played any game the way it is played by the mainstream, yet I must say, no character of mine ever came without a background story; however small it was. Those I always resume as much as possible and edit it in my character's biography. I've been playing on the Snowbourn server for a while now, yet I always got the feeling I was trying to make my chars feel more real than others.

    So to get to the point here (xD), I want to try out RP. But I'm experiencing a sort of.. fear. After reading "the majority" of the Rp rules I'm afraid that I'll make lots of mistakes when I start an RP-char of my own. I have no intend in annoying other, more experienced players and that's why I have a couple of questions for you:

    1) How does my char get approved of once I enter the specific RP-world?
    2) Does leveling and doing quests work the same as in other worlds?
    3) If I make, I dont know, an emote-mistake or something. Am I to appologise myself on the OOC channel?
    4) Is leveling, in areas your char would never come, allowed? For example: A rohirric char is galloping happily through the Shire?
    5) Much obliged for any other advice you can give me

    Many thanks and greetings,

    A future RP-player?

    ps: Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes or anything. I was just freakin tired while writing this x)

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    Re: New to RP

    1) There isn't an 'approval' or 'application' process to RP. Technically you can just jump in with an emote or say. If you don't know how to write custom emotes, just type /e [text here]. This will show up as a third person sentence. So for example, 'Ereden [lifted his spear].' Anyway, though you CAN just jump in, I'd recommend making a background story for your character first. What is he/she doing there? Why? What's their personality, what would they choose to do, etc.

    2) You can RP that you've done a certain quest (be careful with this, as you might meet someone who has done the quest also and it would be awkward. 'I saved Lalia in the barrow-downs!' 'No way, me too!'). Levels are largely irrelevant in RP though some people will specify in their bios that they will not RP 'fight' without an in-game spar. Levels also determine where your character can go. Anyone for example can be in the starter regions but a level 10 can't go to Moria or Angmar without an insane amount of effort.

    3) If you make a typo, you can correct it. 'Ereden lifrs his spear.' '((*lifts))'. The double parentheses are meant to indicate OOC comments in an otherwise IC channel. You can also just leave it be if the meaning can still get across.

    4) This depends on whether you quest ICly or not (be careful as I mentioned above). You can make up any number of lore-appropriate reasons for a character to be anywhere but where they would be (i.e. a man of Gondor is in Evendim because he was a Pelargir marine that got shipwrecked on the coast of Lindon and wandered east).

    5) There is a guide to RP somewhere on these forums, I can't remember where it is. If someone else can link it, that'd be great. One thing I personally will say is that if something happens and you and the other party disagree about it, try not to take it personally or get into an argument. Analyze the situation and try to come to a compromise and if that doesn't work, respectfully leave the situation.

    Finally, don't worry TOO much about making mistakes in RP. Do your best to respect lore (that means no teenage mutant carebear half-orc half-elf ninja wizards related to Aragorn and Gimli that use their sorcery skillz on people in Bree), respect other players and RPers, and overall have a fun time. If you want to practice or get more advice, you can send a tell or letter to Ereden or Arelaith if you're on Landroval. If not, I'm sure there are tons of other folks who would be happy to get you started.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thumbs up Re: New to RP

    Thank you for the quick respons.

    I'll be sure to take some time into setting up a storyline involving my most likely dwarven character. (I fancy the dwarven playthrough the most for several reasons)

    I will start one on Landroval, not to harrass you in anyway xD On the contrary, I believe I know enough now not to dissapoint other RP'ers.

    Thanks again

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    Re: New to RP

    Like I said, feel free to contact me if you're on Landroval. The other RP server is Laurelin, but they're set on European times so that may or may not affect you.

    Keep an eye out for Weldulf, as he runs a dwarven longbeard kinship called Khuzd Belkar. See you in-game!
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    Re: New to RP

    Oh... Yeah I just learned Laurelin is the EU server.. Might be better time-wise for me indeed. Which is sad cause you just gave me a good starting point. :/

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    Re: New to RP

    It's alright. I haven't been on Laurelin, but I'm sure there are nice folks there that will get you started. Good luck.
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    Re: New to RP

    i would like to get into rp and would like some help on how to get started with it you can look for my chara greatwhite and maybe you can show me the basics plez and ty

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    Re: New to RP

    What server are you on?
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