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Thread: Never Surrender

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    Never Surrender

    Looking for Players of any level, but our emphasis is on cap content. Epeens, drama queens, and the generally unfriendly will be shown the door...in a hurry. DKP does not exist here, nor do players that have a sense of entitlement due to play time. We are a rank 10 kin with 2 kinhouses, vent, and a kinsite that can be found at http://neversurrender11.guildlaunch.com/ (BEWARE! we have theme music). Applications on kinsite are a mere formality, just to get a sense of who you are, but no one is rejected until they prove they should be. If you're looking for instant "member" status, you won't find it here. 30 days of being a recruit can be bypassed for those that we think deserve it, but expect the full time. Officer status is a tightly regulated thing here as well, however it receives many perks, none of which interfere with non-officer toons gearing/game play/etc. We all watch GLFF, so if you're interested, just give the kin a shout there.
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    Re: Never Surrender

    Still looking for Healers, Lore-masters, and Burglars.

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    Never Surrender

    Still Recruiting! shout out to global or /tell Nymphadorra/Gwinlynn/Xeromaus/Xerosmyhero/Slipsolo/Beastbow for info

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    get in here, Xero's back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeromaus View Post
    get in here, Xero's back
    Welcome back boss! We missed you, can't wait to see you back in game! Send me a PM in game when you get back on. I either be on Nymphadorra/Kreacher/Pluckyew/Dumbledores/Draighto/Colmonjr... Need to catch up and talk! Missed ya... Welcome Back to Lotro brother!



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