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    I'm man enough to admit defeat. Good fight tonight there guys we had the personnel but on 1 of the 4 minis wanted to heal....we lost down to 10 when you guys went on bio and our guys went too, when yall hit us there we were afk and looking for more, by the time we got enough to fight we headed to TR but yall had taken it. Then we had to have some people relog and by that time we heard Krool had to log. So we disbanded also. Keep up the anger boys the best the Moors has been in a while with the fights last few nights. And never forget, Ill always be you father! Good overall win.
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    Yeah it was a blast - but I had to run to the airport so I missed the finale. Anyway, I was streaming so when I get to it I will post a link to some of the battles, for now gotta fly!

    Good Hunting,

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    Re: 1-1

    I said I had 10 mins, left after 10 +60 :/
    Get them people out here! need moar stuff to shing-shing

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    Re: 1-1

    tonight is good to do someting good again folks

    and im sorry tangy im realy bad on heals
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