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    Friends of Frodo 2nd Annual Kin Olympics

    FoF's next big event is here! May the kin and anyone encountering our competitions enjoy what they see or do!!

    Olympics 2012!

    Welcome to our week of great competition and prize-winning!! The events below are for all kin, including officers, members, and recruits. I hope to see most of you at many of the races, and wish only that you have great fun and win our great prizes!! Prizes will depend on the level and class of the character you use for the event, or for the character of your choice.

    Sunday April 22nd @ 3:00 EST:

    Opening Ceremonies!

    FoF will gather at the West Gate of Bree, carrying Fireworks, Pipeweed, and Ale.

    We will parade through Breetown to the South Gate, then proceed back to the Prancing Pony area, where we will create our own party zone, with the above listed items and some music to commence our Olympics 2012!

    Our first event will be called out once we’ve spent some time at the Prancing Pony and and gathered up all of our kinmates..... so be ready for.....

    Event: Chicken Race!! Approx. 4:00 EST

    (please use ventrilo if you have it, as voice chat is not possible in chicken play).

    We will head to Sandson’s farm. Please pick up the quest ‘Flying the Coop - Evendim’ if you can, then we’ll make our way to the Brandywine Bridge. The race will start off the Bridge and we head up the river till we reach the Eavespires at 6.0S x 72 W. The quest ‘Flying the Coop - Evendim’ turn-in is at that location!! *note* -Once you turn in the quest, your chicken play will be over, so feel free to wait for others to arrive before turning it in.

    Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

    Monday April 23rd @ 8EST:

    Event: Naked Foot race:

    We will gather at the top of the stairs at the far end in Thorin’s Hall. We will remove ALL visible armor and just wear our underwear!

    You will race from the Starting point through Ered Luin, via the portal near Duillond’s Housing area, into Needlehole of the Shire, and the finishing point will be the Statue in the center of Michel Delving! You may take any shortcuts you wish, but no Horses, stable rides, nor run speeds allowed.
    Prizes will be awarded for 1st , 2nd, and 3rd places.

    Tuesday April 24th @ 8EST:

    Event: Fence walking race:

    We will gather at the Hobbiton Party Tree.

    The fence walking race is a tough one!! The fence follows the road to Overhill, and we must stay on the fence, making our way toward Overhill, alternating to the other side of the road as the fence indicates, and then returning back up the fences to the starting point.

    If you fall off at any time while on the fence, you must start from the very BEGINNING!

    The first 3 people to successfully make the trip without falling off both ways, are our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners!

    Wed April 25th @ 8EST:

    Event: Horse Race:

    Racers gather at Hengstacer Farms north of Bree, and we will gather into raid. You must use a horse with 62% run speeds, none with 68% allowed.

    The race will begin with one loop around the racetrack, going through each gate along the way. Once through the finishing gate at Hengstacer, you will continue on to the party grounds and complete one circuit of the race from the start line through the finish line. Once through the finish line there, head onward to Breetown, ride through town, and finish at the South Gate!

    There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

    Thursday April 26th @ 8EST:

    Event: Tag:

    Players will gather at the Breefields Party Area, and will be led to the Tag arena.

    When we start the game, someone will randomly be 'IT'. To play tag you must run close enough to someone that the game visibly notifies you that you are now 'it'. At one minute intervals we will eliminate whomever is IT at the time! When there are only 4 folks left in the arena, the 4th last person will leave the arena once he tags someone… that someone will be our 3rd place winner, the one he/she tags will be our 2nd place winner, and the last one standing will be our 1st place winner!

    Friday April 27th @ 8EST:

    Event: Barrows Hide and Seek:

    Racers will gather at Adso’s camp and we’ll gather into raid format except for those Kin who are going to hide in some Barrows.
    Each kin 'organizer' who you need to find, will be wearing a festival mask and one will hide in each Barrow listed below:

    Goetham (33.7Sx 53.9W)

    Grantham (34.6Sx 54.3W)

    Haudh Taenthond (30.3Sx 56.1W)

    Hautham (30.3Sx 56.0W)

    Taradan (30.9Sx 55.0W)

    Racers will start at Adso's camp and head into the Barrows together, where they go first is up to them. You may use horses here, but no run speeds.
    Each of the 5 hidden kin will have an item that racers must obtain and once obtaining all 5 items, they then return to Adso’s camp and give them all to the final organizer (me!!).
    There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

    Racers are best equipped to participate if they are at least lvl 20 due to the level of the mobs in the Barrows.

    Saturday April 28 @ 5 EST:

    Event: Obstacle Course!

    Racers gather at Michel Delving and will be paired up with a kin organizer/course leader, into fellowship, so special instructions can be said or typed to the racer at the appropriate time.

    The course starts at the Stable Master and will be timed by the kinmate they’re paired with. Specific Instructions will be given along the way, but will incorporate jumping, emotes, roof climbing, horse jumping, and weaving. Essentially the course leads through MD, to Sandson’s farm, and back through town to the finishing point -the Statue in the middle of Michel Delving.
    There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fastest times!


    Final Day! Sunday April 29th @ 5 EST:

    Final Event: Relay race!!
    Gather at the Party Tree in Hobbiton. We will gather into a raid.
    You will assemble teams of 3 players (we can help if you need another member for a team).
    We will hand out cloaks of ‘team colors’ for racers to wear either cosmetically or otherwise for this relay.
    Racers will choose who is their racer #1/ #2/ and #3. All number 2’s will be taken to the Great Willow by one organizer, and all #3’s will be taken toTroll‘s Knoll in Rushock Bog by another organizer.

    The Racers are not allowed to ride horses, nor use run speeds of any kind for an advantage.
    The first racer on each team will be given an item to carry as their ‘baton’ and must deliver it to racer #2 at the Great Willow, who then races to the bog to hand it over to racer #3.

    Final leg is the race back to the Party Tree to hand in the ‘baton’ to Lydiawulf!

    Prizes will be awarded to the team in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


    We will then gather outside the Prancing Pony in Bree for our closing ceremonies / party!! and final prize handouts!! Bring ale, pipeweed, and lots of fireworks!! Please handout some ales to passers-by as a token of good will to all in Vilya!!!

    May you all enjoy this year's events and have a few belly laughs along the way! 

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    Re: Friends of Frodo 2nd Annual Kin Olympics

    Fun idea! Good luck to all.
    [B]Magnarr [/B] - Lvl 85 Champion
    Leader, United Races (Vilya server)
    Cofounder and Leader, Vilya Alliance coalition of kinships
    [url]www.UnitedRaces.net[/url] [url]www.VilyaAlliance.com[/url]

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    Re: Friends of Frodo 2nd Annual Kin Olympics

    A very successful event!! Thanks to all who helped and who participated... there were over 40 competitors!
    Our overall winner who achieved 4 first place wins, was Jtcoop!
    Two other 4 x place-winners were Nyamo and Warwyn... yay!
    The abundance of prizes donated and distributed were fantastic, thanks, and see you again next year



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