Hi folks =)

I'm the kinship leader, Nathyras.

We are a lifespan-6 kinship with low-mid level players who are eager to help each other out however possible. We have some great people in this kin - good, solid, active members who will help with leveling, crafting, skirmishes, game advice, etc...
We have a good foundation for expanding into a great kinship.

I would like to see more availability of running raids and skirmishes levels 20-65 though - and that means more people! If you're interested in joining a kinship with a relaxed and casual atmosphere that's friendly, drama-free, and also gets stuff done, post in the forum here or send me an in-game tel on my characters Nathyras or Solius.

We will be a rank 7 soon and I will be purchasing a kinship house immediately.

Thanks for looking! =)