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    Jacbo's LOTRO Scrapbook

    The PvMP thread ''good ol days'' reminded me I've never really cleaned out my screenshots folder. Here's thirty of those screenshots covering some of the time I spent in LOTRO, using links and short descriptions so as to not shrink the picture size and provide some context. They're kind of a representative sample, though hardly cover everything. Unfortunately I have no pictures of our monthly televised Jacbo-Rayzr Pants Off Dance Off, and the television contract fell through....

    1 - Menoic, low level Lore-master extraordinaire, my first character.

    2 - Jacbo only ever came into being because my sister rolled a character and I wanted to level with that, but the Warden stuck. Here's Jacbo chilling in Angmar at Level 20.

    3 - The best place in Middle Earth.

    4 - Before Ainur there was Keepers Vow. This was of an early Carn Dum run, which culminated in me soloing Helchgam at L56. Pictured: Jacbo, Rollam, Beaukane, Draggrim.

    5 - A new map is released, though we'd spend less time on its rolling hills than its dingy dungeons.

    6 - The only picture I have of lil Bilwise, whose favorite pastime was Warg tickling. He had no schooling so nobody told him daggers do hurt.

    7 - My pet warg chilling with me in our EC hovel before the devs rudely barred us from our abode. Pictured: Jacbo, Skidmarkz(Chaco).

    8 - Looks like some pesky spider wants to pay us a visit... Pictured: Jacbo, Agentfive(Obewon).

    9 - IT'S FLYING OLD GREG! Pictured: Jacbo, Oldgreg.

    10 - Aces kabobs, anyone? Pictured: Jacbo, Aces(Card), Slagalicious, Trius.

    11 - Getting our 1v1 on at TA lawn. Note Caspur at Level 40! As I recall, Smokeq etc rudely interrupted our party so we had to see them off to the comfort of their rez circle. Pictured: Ilthel, Toa, Jacbo, Omnom(Erlilda), Caspur, Lmkiller(Youngguido), Why(Nvious), Acidor.

    12 - Ye olde Ainur meeting dais, where we would hold our Officer meetings in the beforetimes. Pictured: Jacbo, Card, Jakespeed, Fuzion, Zidia, Ilthel, Sno.

    13 - The original lineup of DD Moors Hobos Banjo Troup. Pictured: Jacbo, Chaco, Ilthel, Zidia (not pictured: Sno, who was probably off on TA lawn dying to inform us later that he had found creeps you guys, and being a tank engaged them alone).

    14 - Our first kin kill of DN. Pictured: Chaco, Erlilda, Fingoldor, Jakespeed, Sno, Jacbo, Card, Rigator, Navgul, Ilthel, Trius, Zidia.

    15 - Farming luminous stones to buy the moria black cosmetic, aided in this kill by a rogue warg insurgent. Pictured: Jacbo, Dreadwulf.

    16 - Jacbo and Card, presiding over the 21st Hall.

    17 - We be posin' wit da creeps. Who needs fighting? I think I just helped them cap the outpost. Pictured: Jacbo, Menogue(Trius), Omnom(Erlilda), Agentfive(Obewon).

    18 - Mo' posin'. Pictured: Jacbo, Tramp, Sno.

    19 - Jacbo and Ocho capturing TR from those dastardly creeps. I think we also took LC and TA before being accosted by vagabonds in Lugz. Pictured: Jacbo, Ocho.

    20 - Mutilate and his warg harem. Pictured: Mutilate(Jacbo), Omnom(Erlilda), Lunakh, Silentgiggles(Bee?).

    21 - Surveying the grounds of my newly won castle, Carn Dum.

    22 - Posing in the throne room of my castle after solo kill of Mordirith..

    23 - Mutilate the Riddermark Reaver mobilizes his bear defector army to charge the unsuspecting Elf Camp. Pictured: Mutilate(Jacbo), (Riddermark creeps), BEARS.

    24 - First clear of Ivar T2 Challenge. Ivar was quoted as saying "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids! And your hobbit, too!". Pictured: Caspur, Doomsie, Atador, Presdas, Erlilda, Youngguido, Jacbo, Meldreth, Oprah, Zidia, Anaxthes, Staissi.

    25 - First clear of Fear T2 Challenge. The Balrog wasn't quoted as saying much of anything, since only Alph spoke Balrog and he just giggled and wouldn't translate. Pictured: Eaisiel, Zidia, Trevil, Borken, Alphyums, Viduo, Jacbo, Merthin, Staissi, Caspur, Edlorthar, Erlilda.

    26 - Oh, hi multi-boxer. I mean um, back you fiends! Your poisons are but a flesh wound! Pictured: Jacbo, Karganos, Rayzr, (multi-boxer), (other people in back).

    27 - First clear of Draigoch T2 Challenge. The Dragon was quote as saying "Check Borken's pockets... urgh...". Pictured: Ianwulf, Trevil, Staissi, Hallaran, Borken, Anaxthes, Caspur, Viduo, Meldreth, Erlilda, Doomsie.

    28 - Spiffy new Draigoch set look.

    29 - Protecting the damsels in distress. I like my women twice as tall as me, especially the ones that won't stop yelling. Pictured: Jacbo, Staissi, Erlilda.

    30 - Jacbo hanging out with the highest rank player in the moors: Bird, Keeper of Rock. Pictured: Jacbo, Bird.
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    Re: Jacbo's LOTRO Scrapbook

    Wow I was in Keepers Vow for like a month or two on my 1st char. Didn't know anyone there hahaha
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    Re: Jacbo's LOTRO Scrapbook

    nice pics Cool seeing alot of the old freep names. Those were the names that made Venomsack yell in raid "Back in OC!" xD

    I always like going South; somehow, it feels like going downhill.
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    Re: Jacbo's LOTRO Scrapbook

    Oh man, so many memories. I like 26 the most, because I'm both a target assist and dead (as usual ). You'd think people would know not to follow me.
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    Re: Jacbo's LOTRO Scrapbook

    Quote Originally Posted by atmonello View Post
    Wow I was in Keepers Vow for like a month or two on my 1st char. Didn't know anyone there hahaha
    Back in my kinless days I remember seeing them running around all the time.

    Great pics
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