How many players are even on the server and at what times of the day in what parts of the world. We must have at least 100000players on this server with each having 3 players at level 75 then why is it so hard to get people out into the moors. Why do we have developers over powering the creeps and giving them special powers and advantages so the few freeps out here can just get ran over time and time agian. Is there something the developers can do to get more freeps involved out in the moors or do they just not care. I am just looking for a fair fight. When you have a freep that can log off his freep and play on the creep side without a penalty of time or what ever that makes for an unfair advantage. Please do something so we can all share in the fun pvping out in the moors. Yes developers have done so much for the game but nothing for the pvp. lets get that 2 to 5% of all the pvp out in the moors up to like 25% and we will see alot more even fights. Also is there any way to use skimish pvp to 1v1 or something? That would make it easier to have fun pvping and geting coms and renown. thanks.