So what do other captains do to get/maintain threat?

I was having trouble pulling stuff off a hunter ten levels above me when off-tanking a run today, and like an idiot, realized I wasn't using Grave Wound effectively afterward.

Excuse me while I brainstorm a bit here, but feel free to share how you go about it, if you'd be so kind?

So prep is obviously whichever banner, and Noble Mark on the DPS target as appropriate (I switched to Revealing partway through if needed).

Defensive Strike is a no-brainer for boosting armour/defenses.

Threatening Shout is obvious for AoE threat (traited yellow of course).

Then the question becomes, which generates more threat, or is it only an issue of how many MOBs...

Cutting Attack & Grave Wound (perceived threat = good obviously)


Time of Need & Routing Cry (AoE force taunt/stun, but threat?, also costly w/long CD)


Shadow's Lament (claims significant threat, but also significant CD)

Thoughts/suggestions? We don't get any threat copy skill like Guards' Engage, correct?

"Sometimes survival comes down to not being hit. Actually, most times." -the chicken skill, Bob and Weave