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    daze/root breaks tracking problems

    Am I the only one that has noticed it? The daze (and possibly root, not 100% sure) break warnings (like 'XX has freed YY from daze!') are not always showing up.

    So far I've noticed that the stunning skills, like LM's Light of the Rising Dawn, do not trigger the message (99% of the times at least). It also seems that skills that kill mob in a process do not trigger the message (which might not be wrong actually, we don't need to catch those. It looks like AA or melee skills do trigger the message 90% of the time.

    I think I can exclude the times skill does not break the mez, I tried paying much attention to the icon removal from the mob buffs/debuffs.

    Any one else noticed it? Or am I missing something?

    The reason I dig into it is that I'm working on adjusting the LOTRO Alerter plugin to show a distinct message on the screen when root or daze is broken but it looks like it's not 100% guaranteed now to catch it.

    Ps. On a side note it looks like LOTRO is tracking all those events in your vincity so it catches when for example an LM near you, not grouped with you, breaks his own root on a mob you didn't even touch.
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    Re: daze/root breaks tracking problems

    It doesn't handle combat state (CC) overwrites. So if you have a dazed target, and you stun it, or root it, or fear it, you won't get a CC break method, because the CC state wasn't broken, it was overwritten.

    And yeah, dying also ends the CC state, but it won't give you a message for that either.

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    Re: daze/root breaks tracking problems

    I actually suspected the above but I was under the impression it didn't sometimes count daze break even if it didn't lead to stun (like breaking with a DoT) in situation when it should

    though this will need a little bit more testing

    daze > root or the oposite is not a problem but it would be nice to track daze > stun since the later is usually much shorter state (or at least the log to show this transition), the oposite (stun > daze) isn't possible anyway but it would be nice to have all CC transitions being trackable (especially daze/root > stun)

    our combat log already has a lot of spam (mounting/dismounting or as it's said "applying a benefit"...) so adding this, if it would not be technically dificult for some reason, I think would be much appreciated

    it could say we've applied a Daze benefit on a mob
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