Does anyone know what (if any) the relationship between the Character XML data returned from DATA.LOTRO.COM is to the In-Game Character display? I.e. which variables map to which values -- the (apparently) computed ones... Critical Hit, Physical Mastery and Tactical Mastery in particular. The ToolTips don't provide enough information (if any) to pick the right variable or combination of them. A couple you can guess at, but there is not enough information.

Both the in-game and display the same data, so one presumes it is coming from and those certain values are computed. --- Or uses a different API than is available to the rest of us.

Critical Hit could be either: rangedCrit or tacticalCrit - meeleCrit apparently does not figure in. (In the case of a hunter, the rangedCrit or tacticalCrit value matches that of the displayed Critical Hit, while the MeeleCrit value is significantly larger.

A quick list of the variables:
XML return --------------- Character panel display (which matches
============================== ===========
<stat name="morale" -- matches Morale
<stat name="power" -- matches Power
<stat name="armour" -- matches Armour
<stat name="might" -- matches Might
<stat name="agility" -- matches Agility
<stat name="vitality" -- matches Vitality
<stat name="will" -- matches Will
<stat name="fate" -- matches Fate
<stat name="radiance" -- no longer existent
<stat name="meleeCrit" -- ??
<stat name="rangedCrit" -- ??
<stat name="tacticalCrit" -- ??

<stat name="fearResistance" value="4529"/> -- all 4 Resistance values are the same and match "Resistance"
<stat name="woundResistance" value="4529"/>
<stat name="diseaseResistance" value="4529"/>
<stat name="poisonResistance" value="4529"/>

<stat name="commonDef" value="5760"/> -- ??

<stat name="fireDef" value="3048"/> -- all 5 "Def' values are the same and match "Tactical (Damage type mitigation)
<stat name="frostDef" value="3048"/>
<stat name="shadowDef" value="3048"/>
<stat name="lightningDef" value="3048"/>
<stat name="acidDef" value="3048"/>

<stat name="block" -- matches Block
<stat name="evade" -- matches Evade
<stat name="parry" -- matches Parry

<stat name="criticalPoints" value="5554"/> --??
<stat name="criticalDefense" value="0"/> -- ??

<stat name="physicalMitigation" value="2647"/> -- Matches Mitigation/Damage Type Physical
<stat name="tacticalMitigation" value="3048"/> -- Matches Mitigation/Damage Type Tactical
<stat name="theOneResistance" -- matches Defence Resistance value
<stat name="finessePoints" -- matches Finess value

The Character display has:
Physical Mastery -- a large number
Tactical Mastery -- a small number
Critical Hit avoidance -- zero
Incoming Healing -- zero
Mitigations/Damage/Source Melee -- zero
Mitigations/Damage/Source Ranged -- zero
Mitigations/Damage/Source Tactical -- zero