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    Dunland Rep Help

    Alright, adventurers. Here's a ridiculous proposition for you: I really want my scholar crafting alt to grow wildflower fields. As a craft alt, he is low-level (currently 18 - it would be lower, but he used to be my main). Now, if I could find my way over to Dunland, would anyone be willing to let me tag along as you quest, in the hope of eventually gaining friend status with the men of Dunland?

    Dunland does come with Rise of Isengard, right? I bought that, so I should have the quest pack...

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    Re: Dunland Rep Help

    Yes, it comes with Isengard.

    As the area will be red to you, though, enemies will aggro you from way far away. This is probably possible, but not very nice.
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    Re: Dunland Rep Help

    You won't be able to pick up the quests yet as you can only pick up quests when they're at most 5 levels above yours.
    You also don't get rep from others completing quests.

    So no, this won't work. The only way for you to get Dunland rep is to level up high enough to be able to do the quests.
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    Re: Dunland Rep Help

    Damn, I was wondering about that. Ah well, thanks anyway!



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