My goal is to rebuild Pariah. Friendly, close-knit, confident players that are willing and wanting to learn about PvMP and can follow along the string of guidance I am offering. I've been playing a little shy of four years now and have had some of the best and worst experiences out in the ettenmoors. The one thing it has taught me for sure is that those who work together, win together. I'm personally not interested in any kind of popularity contest, I'm simply looking for 6-10 more players that are willing to put in the extra work to get their maps do their quests and be willing to not only work with people in our tribe but with the whole community as well.

Origionally Pariah came over from Arkenstone to Dwarrowdelf with a handful of players that have been gaming consistently together in many different games for two or more years. Communication was almost unnecessary when it came to any kind of instance/raid/skirmish/pvmp sessions. Though the Dwarrowdelf server stay was short, a few remain behind. Myself for example. A lot of the players in Pariah eventually migrated to SWTOR just like many of you.

Where I'm going with this...
Continuing on leading Pariah I'm extending an open invitation to those players on freep and creep side to join me in groups to pve or pvp on either side of the mountain. Those who enjoy LotRO as much as I do and who would like to have a second glance on what PvMP can be like on this server. Recently it has taken a blow to its raiding kin and yet even after there are still decently sized groups coming out and showing creeps whats what. I'd like to change that.

Tribe Requirements
*In-game or Teamspeak3 audibility every time pvping.

*17years old + [mature language happens when pvmping..I'm not being held responsible for a pre-teen hearing his first 'Sauron Slang']

*Open mindedness

*Patience for the beginners, intolerance for the leechers.
--Leechers-those who demand, complain, agitate, think-they-automatically get free handouts.

*Understand that every good PvMPer started off as a good PvEer.

*Not being afraid to ask for help.

*Corpse jumping is INTOLERABLE and should only be done when I'm not around.

*Be willing to ''act'' once in a while.

*Don't be greedy, everybody helps out everyone in tribe.

*Tribe comes first
--(understand RL comes first and foremost then tribe )

*Follow instructions and not being afraid to die..its a entered a pvmp're gonna die.

--Remember that this is just a game!! It's suppose to be fun or else it wouldn't be called a game.


The open invitations are for anybody who can fit in the above criteria. There is no application to fill out, no website to go to except this one. No restriction on race, gender, or language..though some english knowledge would be nice. If there are any further questions or concerns that regard Pariah send in-game mail to Beeyoutifull or Raquelle-1 or send me an email or add me on facebook at

Tickletackler, Warlord.