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    Looking for Active Kin

    I am just coming back to the game, played at launch, will be leveling a Human Hunter as my main, not planing on leveling alts at this time. I am looking for a Kin that is active so I will have people I can talk with and maybe even level with while playing. I am currently working my way out of the Army and have plenty of time to play. If you would like you can /t Wilbus in-game or leave information here. Thank you much.

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    Re: Looking for Active Kin

    Please feel free to check out The Kindred. We are a casual play Kinship with members on most times of the day or night. If you are interested in raiding and end game material, we are active members of the Windfola Alliance (a group of 22 kinships that band together for raiding). Just check out our website and if you think you might like to join, fill out an application.
    Berenhathol, Leader(Pro-tem) of [url=http://the-kindred.shivtr.com/][b]The Kindred[/b][/url]
    Also known as Dinendae, Burglar of [url=http://the-kindred.shivtr.com/][b]The Kindred[/b][/url]
    The Kindred are members in good standing of the [url=http://the-windfola-alliance.shivtr.com/]Windfola Alliance[/url], a group of kinships that have banded together for mutual raiding.



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