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    Searching for Kinship

    I am currently looking for a kinship for my main two toons. Ones a Captain the other a Guardian. Both are lvl 75, and I enjoy doing instances and raids. I am looking for a a decent size kinship thats not large, nor is filled with know it alls, rude people, or elitists. I also do not like trolls of any kind. I am more into doing things as a kin, having some fun and laughs. Talking to eachother and more or less just chilling out together. Ones thats pretty much fair across the boards to everyone officer, member and recruits alike.

    My toons names are Lleyn (Captain) or Atesca (Guardian). My play times range from often to I dont have alife. I'm more than sure theres plenty of nice kinships around, and I would enjoy talking to anyone. Well...mostly anyone. I hope everyone has a nice day in middle-earth.

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    Re: Searching for Kinship

    The Order of the Silver Flame is a full level Kin that fits your description of being active but not too large well. We do weekly raids on our own as well as with ally kins, have a range of active members from level 1 all the way to 75 and it's easy to find groups for instances and the like.

    We pride ourselves on being a mature kin without trolls and complainers. Because we do have standards when it comes to membership behavior in game, we ask that people visit our forum and tell us a little about themselves, an officer will find you in game and get you invited where we have a 2 week trial to make sure you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. But really, as long as you're a nice person, we don't generally have issues. So please, check us out at www.silverflame.us (also a link in my signature) and we'd love to have you around!

    The Order of The Silver Flame - A fun, mature, helpful and friendly kin. Come join us on Silverlode!



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