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    Monthly Reav-iew

    Not sure how many people take clips of playtime on Crick, but I figured we should maybe start sharing because, let's face it, everyone likes seeing themselves on TV.

    I seem to always forget to turn the REC on whenever I'm playing so don't end up with much footage, but I plan to start filming more and trying to get some clips of everyone to share each month roughly. In the meantime here's last month's Reav-iew consisting of predominantly fights in which my fellowship wins..... (why would I post fights of me getting face rolled? Mwahaha)

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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Great vid!

    0:05-0:08 - Look mom , I`m on TV!
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    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Great vid!

    but we've still yet to see that video of that freep frapsing a while back: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?418937-Frapsing
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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Quote Originally Posted by FortunateSon View Post
    Was nice to see freeps trying flanks at one stage (near OC) and commendations to those that pushed hard in every fight.
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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Time to buy a new comp and make vids of ez-mode!

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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    OH man! Looks like a good time, i'm feeling the need to kill some freepies.

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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Nice videography. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos.
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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Maybe the freeps can use these as training videos. Well see you on the battle field. Expect to see my guard candolos without weapons and more fist fighting. I actually got a 2 point hit on Chiron when he was bubbled, with a kick.

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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Stop picking on Leoscribe lol. The life of the RK, kill on sight. At least we get to be OP for a few seconds before we are murderized .
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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    Great video. Even better soundtrack!
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    Re: Monthly Reav-iew

    This is the dom that never ennnnnnnnds.



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