Light in the Darkness, a rank 10 kinship is now recruiting !!!
I am the leader, and this kinship has been together for over a year.
We have weekly fellowship runs, raids, NO age or lvl requirement, and members who enjoy helping one another. There is one rule that I have set into place concerning recruits, and that is that they go thru a 2 week trial period before any rank is given.
We are a community of players who enjoy the game allot, we are very active and most of the time have at least a dozen members on at any given time. We have a kin house in the Bree Land homesteads, and most of us agree that it is one of the best decorated kin houses around. Other monthly activities are scheduled, for example we have festival days at the end of each month at the kin house, in which we have contests and prizes are awarded.
Our 1st priority is to have fun and do it w/o any drama.
Promotion within the kinship is not hard to achieve, and as long as you are not creating much trouble, than there should not be any reason that you could not rise in the ranks.
Our roster has grown considerably lately, due to the large number of new players on this particular server, and I would estimate that our roster number is anywhere between 300 to 325.
It seems that almost every day we are gaining new members, and it would be an honor to have you as a new member.
We accept any level of gamer, beginner or veteran. We have many people in the kinship that have been playing lotro for
many years, and can help with any questions or problems that new players may have.So if you are looking for a kinship to help develope your character or have been playing lotro for some time and just looking for a new home, than I extend a hand to you and invite you to join Light in the Darkness.