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    Exclamation Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    I asked somebody for help for the chicken run.
    But I have connection problems.

    I can't login and I forgot the name.

    But can somebody say to the person that is waiting at the river ford just before rivendell.
    That I can't come cause of connection problems, and that I really thank him for his time.

    EDIT: normally he should stand their in 10 minutes I think.

    ANOTHER EDIT: forgot to say, that I will also be very thankfull to you off course.
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    Re: Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    I crashed in Rivendell too about 5 minutes ago, stuck on "Cleaning up old connection"

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    Re: Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    yea, I have still the same probleme. If almost every people have the same problem.
    Then I guess he will now it lol

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    Re: Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    Same here, also stuck on "Cleaning up old connection"...

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    Angry Re: Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    I'm on Arkenstone and I can't log in at all.

    I just woke up and tried to log in on my lvl 11 RK crafting alt. My client froze trying to get into the character. Then I quit the game, and tried again. Now my client freezes saying "Cleaning up old connection..."

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    Angry Re: Message (URGENT!) Trollshaws

    It seems no one can log in Arkenstone.



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