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Thread: A Third Goodbye

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    A Third Goodbye

    Like Ed, I'll stop playing freepside on DD and going to creep on E.

    Had a lot of fun in here, thanks all of DD people for everything(ban's too, that made me think about some things).

    See you.
    Akv - Reaver, Rank 6 | Toruthil - Guardian, Rank 7

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    Re: A Third Goodbye

    I think we can condense everyone's goodbyes into one thread at this point :P
    Borken - Dwarrowdelf
    Alphbork - Firefoot
    Pineapplejuice - E

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    Re: A Third Goodbye

    Faretheewell little Nubin, may E froobs tremble in fear

    And screw that, Bork, every Ainur is like a little DD star blinking out, they each deserve their love <3 lolol
    Doomsidoo - R5 defiler. DD
    Myfriend - R4 reaver. Ridder

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    Re: A Third Goodbye

    I'll miss my brother from another mother

    Keep in touch man :/
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    Re: A Third Goodbye

    VILYA: Capitao-1 r12 Captain | Dwalfin r6 Minstrel | Wuulff r8 Warg | Kruusher r11 Reaver | Creepitao r7 WL

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    Re: A Third Goodbye

    Quote Originally Posted by atmonello View Post
    It's pronounced Noob-ban ...not the nibster!



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