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    Arkenstone Raiding Tower of Orthanc

    KAOS (Khans of the Ancient Oath Sworn)

    Is looking for additional people to fill out a 2nd run/week in the Tower of Orthanc (ToO). We seek experienced and inexperienced players that are willing to approach raiding in a mature and disciplined manner. A thick skin is required to accept and act upon constructive criticism and to give it as needed. We do not berate and heap abuse like prior 'pug leaders'.

    We do 2 to 4 wings tier 1/evening and are capable of downing Saruman.

    In terms of progression we're again looking at tier 2 with the experienced player base and many of us have alts to bolster the 2nd group with the goal of getting it up to speed on tier 1 and moving to tier 2. We've rebuilt a stable group (75% of our original 12 moved on to raid with their kins, joined new kins, or to other games).

    Unlike a more traditional raiding kin you, as the new guy/gal, aren't going to be used to get locks so the 'elites' can run tier 2. We'll have people move between the groups to train people for tier 2 and support tier 1 (we'd like to get two tier 2s/week). You also won't be locked out of loot b/c of some pesky point based looting system (meaning we don't use DKP). We do master loot with open roll going from top to bottom then bottom to top.

    Our critical class needs are [I think] a Captain or LM. We are open to other classes as well.

    A hopefully short list of Q & A follows:
    Do I have to leave my current kinship and join KAOS?
    No. If you're happy there then please stay a part of it! We typically have 8 or more kinships represented in our raids.

    What do I need to do to prepare to raid?
    Crafted settings in your LIs, scrolls on LIs, star lit crystals........basically you should have squared away lvl 75 2nd Agers not works in progress so you can grind for the "perfect" 1st ager (grind grind grind!).
    Virtues - fidelity, loyalty, honour, tolerance, and a 5th of your choosing - generally should be 14s (12s are ok). Note with Riders of Rohan these will change to 14 minimum and 16 preferred.
    Generally you should have at a minimum 6/6 draigoch armor from the Galtrev vendor for your initial foray into ToO and ideally a crafted lvl 75 cloak or the Wyrmscale cloak. Grabbing gregolin from Foundry and Sarchol from Pits is strongly recommended.
    Bring 50 each of the level 80 wound, disease, fear, and poison potions
    Bring a stack of Westfold hope tokens, battle/warding lore scrolls, fortifying/regeneration (crit version)/trail food (crit version).
    Bring a stack of level 75 morale and power potions.
    A stack of class specific stuff (champ fervour potions, hunter oils/chants, capt battle tonics, etc. etc.).
    (If you need these items made for you then please gather the mats and reach out to one of our many crafters at least 24 hours prior to Thursday or on Monday!)

    What's all this glff stuff?
    The Internet allows people a significant amount of anonymity. Some choose to lash out in unacceptable ways (trolling) as they're shielded from the consequences of these abhorrent and deviant behaviors. We know that in real life these individuals would be punched in the nose on the playground/in a bar, earn a timeout from mommy and daddy, or be sent to their Human Resources Department at work for the harassment, disruptive, and combative actions.

    These people tend to coalesce and congregate into a cancerous mass of jerk wads. All you need to do is look at the kinship tags to learn that the trolling is spawned mainly from one to three kinships.

    I’ve put myself out there to stand up to those people that grief by rage quitting a T2 Foundry run mid-combat causing a wipe and salt the wound by bashing good players in glff (I and others stepped in to fill the spots vacated by the quitters). To call out those that demean players by calling them “free to play players nubs” when these people are fully capable of successfully running the same content these elitists complete. I also stand up to the jerks that try to divert, hassle, and interrupt efforts to form raids. Basically these people never learned to play nice with others, the GM staff can’t be mommy and daddy for these Internet Tough Guys, and so I’ve tried [unsuccessfully] to get them to behave.

    I’ve tried putting people on ignore, not responding, responding with jokes, and fighting back. I’ve achieved mixed results that at the end of the day all I've done is give these simpletons ‘lulz’ to fill their sorry existence with something entertaining until they're distracted by a shiny ball rolling in the street.

    I and others have opted to avoid individuals or members of kinships that choose to self-identify as tending to be the best at behaving the worst. I suggest you do the same.
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    A vote for Sapience is a vote for progress? A 4th fix to get Draigoch to "dragon up" that still doesn't fix the persistent bug in the raid is not how I define progress.



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