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Thread: Hi, Server

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    Apr 2012

    Hi, Server

    Don't think I've ever joined a game so old before

    Enjoying this thing so far (day 3!), say hi if you see me do something stupid in front of you. I'm still not quite sure which way up to hold this Runekeeper...

    I'm a lost EVE veteran spicing up my gaming life with something offering a bit more eyecandy than 65,536 shades of "gloomy"!

    See you around


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    Re: Hi, Server

    Hello and welcome. This server's population isn't very active in the forums, so if you don't get a response other than mine don't be offended.

    I hope you enjoy the game, but if you don't you should try out guild wars 2 when it launches.
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    Re: Hi, Server

    Welcome to the server Rank, hopefully you'll learn which end is which soon enough.

    There's plenty of non-gloomy options in the early regions, but stay out of Angmar and Mirkwood if you want to avoid too many Eve flashbacks!
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    Re: Hi, Server

    I know of one extremely gloomy spot in Middle Earth - my belly!

    Don't forget about pvp when you rank, level 75 really isn't necessary . Welcome to Ark!



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