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    Server pop below cap

    Hi there!

    Had a quick question for the locals. How is the server population under level cap?

    I've been on Elendelmir since I started playing, but I've recently become frustrated with the lack of people and sheer inability to find anyone for quests. It seems to be super well-populated, especially PvMP, but it seems to be a really "mature" server with few lower level toons. I hate to up and switch after dedicating so much time to a 40 warden, 27 burg, and 33 mini (as you can see, I love alts. TF2 player, so I like swapping classes a lot), but I'm just not finding anyone. Also, I used to be night shift here in California, so it worked out being the unofficial Oceania server (or so I heard). Now that I'm on days again, makes things even worse.

    I remembered having a few alts on Arkenstone so I decided to pick them up again and play around there for awhile with some new setups, and I was immediately shocked that there were actually people in the starting zones. My question is, should I expect this to continue, especially when I get around Evendim/North Downs levels? I'd really hate to dedicate to level a toon only to run into the same problem if this is just an inter-server issue. I'm a fairly slow leveler between work and school.

    Also, I'm not a hardcore RP'er, but it is fun occasionally. Good RP pop, or strictly business?

    Anyway, advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Server pop below cap

    I don't play much in low level areas nor am I an RP'r so can't comment on some of your questions. However, my understanding is that Arkenstone has become (or recently was) the recommended starter server for new players. Therefore you should expect new players to join this server until another server becomes the recommended one (which I believe is based on server population - Gladden had been the last recommended starter server and was for a while).
    Noldor of Arkenstone

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    Re: Server pop below cap

    Yes, Arkenstone got a huge bump as new players were vectored to it earlier this year.



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