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    Happy 5th Birthday, Evenstar!

    Evenstar was formed during LOTRO's open beta period within minutes of the Vilya server opening five years ago today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone -- it was about 11:00 PM Pacific Time on 4/5). I joined just a few days afterwards. Over the last five years, we have matched wits and brawn against the mightiest creatures of Middle-earth -- from the balrog of The Rift to the boars of The Shire. Through it all, there has been much sharing of loot and laughter and an amazing dearth of drama.

    I cherish the camaraderie our virtual family has developed as we shared adventures both in game and in life. Even as other distractions have kept me away from the game more than I would like, I still yearn for your fellowship. For a guild focused on one game to survive for five years is an incredible accomplishment -- one in which all past, present, and future members should be proud to share in. Hail, Evenstar!

    "May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out." -- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

    Also known as Jondo, the off-key hobbit minstrel and purveyor of bad puns.
    Are you at least 30 years old and looking to join a fun, casual kinship for mature players? Check out the
    Evenstar Kinship on Vilya.
    LOTRO Founder & Member for Life / Resident of Vilya

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    Re: Happy 5th Birthday, Evenstar!

    Happy Birthaversary!

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    Re: Happy 5th Birthday, Evenstar!

    Happy Birthday and many more

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    Re: Happy 5th Birthday, Evenstar!

    Happy Anniversary Evenstar!

    Five years is quite a long time. I've never been in a kinship or guild of any sort this long! Thanks to all our kin members, current and past, that have made Middle-earth such an enjoyable place to be.
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    Re: Happy 5th Birthday, Evenstar!

    Happy birthday, guys and gals. Good to see good people sticking around and sticking together, for such a long time.
    Townsperson says, "I'm having an adventure. I've paddled all the way from Frogmorton!"



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