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    Post Men of Esteldin now Recruiting! Perfect opportunity to help launch a great kin!

    This is probably more for the newer players, since even I haven't been into LOTRO as long as many. Men of Esteldin is set up in a medieval military fashion, in hopes that soon we will have many more members. This will greatly aid the organization and proficiency of the kinship. We hope to have two recruits, or lower, less experienced players, under one member's guidance. Then, each officer will be assigned five members, for a total of sixteen per unit. We will provide a kinship home for any rank member and above filled with daily replenished supplies of ale, pipeweed, and extra armor anyone accumulates while questing. It will be a place of wonderful fellowship. Additionally, we have an officer's club next door where the leaders of the kinship can come and find more highly prized items and speak together about plans and ideas. Our idea is to have each member obtain five silver per week from his two recruits, and in turn he will then provide an additional ten silver from his own stash. This will be obtained by their officer, who will be given a 25% share of the earnings each week. The rest will be given to the kinship treasurer to spend on all the supplies we will provide for everyone. Also, this will allow the kinship to support investment requests from its members and officers. We invite you to come and take part in this great endeavor, new or veteran player alike! We will surely recognize faithful service and honorable behavior and reward those who eminate such qualities with higher ranks. Experience will also factor in, but don't shy away just because you're new!! Please send any questions or comments of interest to Helathonir. I will answer them promptly.

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    Re: Men of Esteldin now Recruiting! Perfect opportunity to help launch a great kin!

    Hello there, your extended ideas for the kin sound very cool, and I'm interested in joining. I've been playing lotro since before it went ftp, though i quit shortly after it did, I now recently returned to the game, since i found myself with way too much time on my hands. Anyway, I don't know what requirements you might have for joining, but please do let me know. Thanks.



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