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    Need Help with Vol II Book 8

    I don't know how to get Vol II Book 8 Ch. 4.

    I ran the solo instance and defeated Ergoth and I don't know where to go from there. My Epic log is as follows:

    Book 8: Chapter 1: Escape from Rushdurinul (check mark)
    Chapter 2: What Gorothul Left Behind (check mark)
    Chapter 3: A Relic In Lumul-Nar (Solo) (check mark)
    Instance: A Relic In Lumul-Nar (check mark)
    Instance: Escape from Rushdurinul (check mark)

    Wiki says to talk to Bosi but he doesn't have anything for me. What do I do?

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    After you exit the instance, Bosi is supposed to complete the Chapter and begins you on the next, to head to the Heart of Fire.

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    Is there a way to re-do the instance?

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    Broin gives the B8 CH4 quest - inside the Peaceful Path.. not Bosi.

    You can replay the instance either from instance finder panel, or the reflection pool in the 21st Hall (I can't remember which one) but this should not be necessary since you have it check marked in your log already.
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    I've been to both Bosi and Broin and neither of them do anything



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