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    Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    Hello Everyone,

    My Wife and I currently have characters on two larger population servers where we have played for a few years now but have recently started talking about moving again in hopes of finding what we are looking for. On one server we found people willing to run group content (skirmish/instance/raids) but were not very social, on another (RP server) we found players who were social but not as interested in running content. What we are looking for is a happy medium.

    Can anyone tell me if there are kinships here that would fit what we are looking for? For content we don't need to be bleeding edger server first sort of thing but it would be nice to run as a kin or even a few kin mates instead of pugging everything in the game. Also are there any roles (tanks/healers) that are short?

    Thanks for any replies and hope to see you all in game.

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    Re: Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    Hi, I've belonged to 3 different Windfola kinships in the 3 years I've played LOTRO and all fit the description you gave of what you are looking for. I don't think the roleplay aspect is as prevalent on the server as it may be on others but it's sociable nevertheless. There is also an alliance of several kinships that you can join so that makes it easier to get in on scheduled instances, raids, and meet more people. My husband and I both play and have played with several other couples over the years. He has also really enjoyed the people he's played with on creepside. I would google Windfola Alliance and look at the kins listed there. That should give you an idea of the community.

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    Re: Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    I must agree with the first reply. Many groups on Windy fit your desires. No 24/7 group is guaranteed, but I think we have some fun and capable people here. I've run with many couples over the years and am in fact part of a duo. Windy would love to have you

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    Re: Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    I would agree with the posters that answered Windfola may be the place to be. There are a lot of great kins on the server but it is also the home of the Windfola Alliance [see click here]. As my signature says, I am an officer in the kin that founded the alliance. Our kin is pretty large and has a lot of great folks that do stuff together at every level, including raids. However, the concept of the alliance was to make all levels of play available to even small kinships. While I am not into RP, it is certainly active here as I know several alliance folks that do it all the time.

    Whether you come here or go elsewhere, good luck to you
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    Re: Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    Luin is correct. Windfola is a great server! There are plenty of Kinships out there that match most of your criteria. Feel free to check us all out and see if you like us! And Thorns is a pretty good Kinship...after the Kindred or course...
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    Re: Thinking of moving/rerolling here

    Apart from a few Hardcore raiding clans, Windy is very friendly and most Kins will pug with others and have a great time and then even in the moors the a fore mentioned raiding clans will x up and run riot .

    In fact you end up forgetting you are in a Kin sometimes as you play with the same people day in day out and just enjoy sharing the adventure.

    Its a very non-elitist server I think.
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