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    Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    Shooting this question towards the seasoned healers out there on Vilya. Posting here instead of elsewhere because I'll likely recognize some old names and can respect their opinion more from personal group experience.

    As a relatively new RK alt about to hit cap ("Eskel"), I've actually been concentrating on fate over will due to the in-combat power recovery, although with will as second and then vitality as third. Been working well so far, getting power back in longer combat.

    Strictly going for the healing and not the dps build here, by the way. I've been reading on the forums people focusing on will instead for the overall power pool. Maybe this is more due to simply raising their tactical dps however?

    Open to suggestion of why will over fate of course coming from more seasoned healers. I'm coming from normally being a melee class for almost five years so this is certainly a new direction. No one likes to see their healer low on power.

    I've been carrying fate food on the champ since RoI and it's made a good difference helping to retain power in long duration, which were my thoughts in carrying this power recovery over to the healing RK.

    Thoughts? And thanks ahead.
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    Re: Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    Well I'm not from your Server but I was thinking and asking around for that question too.

    I personally decided to go for Will … my RK has around 2000 Will and around 400 Fate. Im still not sure if I should balance them out too. Since Will give Power and Fate IC Power Regen imo it kinda doesn't really matter.

    My IC Power Regen isn't too good but unbuffed I have slightly over 8000 Power. And since Prelude to Hope has a power return and you also can pimp your LIs for saving power cost and higher power returns from self-motivation I don't need Fate for power reasons.

    The only thing that bugs me is my the crit rate that comes form your Fate. At the moment my crit rate is somewhere around 5000. But since heals crit as much as regular attacks this can mean less healing. Especially since one of my preferred healing skill (Rousing Words) can crit now as well as the group heal from Epic of the Ages.

    So the question for me is:

    Healing Rate versus Critical Rate
    (Will > TM) <<<>>> (Fate)

    Power really ins't an issue in healing.

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    Re: Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    Shame you only ask your server, you're way better off posting this in the RK forum. There are some very good and knowledgable RK's here on the forum, regardless of the server.

    RK's focus on will for one reason... sheer output... higher will means higher damage and higher heals. Balancing is always a good thing, so are crits (hence the fate, which is mostly used for the crits, rather than icmr or icpr). Personally I suspect that you should focus on will first, then vitality and then fate. And somewhere there is a balance, between having enough power and icpr and plenty of morale and icmr to not get one-shotted and enough will to have a good dmg / healing output.

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    Re: Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    Jeroen is right on here. The stat priority for RKs and Minis is will (and subsequently tactical mastery). You still need to have high enough vitality, morale, resistance and mitigations (especially tactical mit) to keep yourself alive and avoid getting one-shotted, as well as a decent enough in-combat power regen to keep from running out of power during a long fight.

    You'll find that your requirements for morale, mitigations and ICPR will increase as you reach 75 and move onto harder content, but generally speaking, you'll want to have at least 4.5k morale for raidskirms and instances, moving up to over 6k morale for Orthanc T1 and likely over 8k morale for Orthanc T2. At the same time, ICPR of over 1500 will probably leave you alright as long as you don't go to crazy wasting power. You eventually want to get your tactical mitigation as much over 30% as possible, but much of that comes from will anyway.

    Once you have an appropriate level of morale (preferably from vitality) and ICPR for your content level, just stack as much will as you can. Fate is nice for the crit chances, but will is better. Don't forget, crits can't always be depended upon, and in many cases you will waste some of a critical heal due to overhealing.

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    Re: Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    Thanks for the input folks, much appreciated. And yeah I could have put this on the RK forum; oh well. One more level to 75, and I'll start re-gearing concentrating on Will.

    Had a first healing experience 5-manning all the way through Lost Temple last night and got used to the squishy role. Now the grind for the correct build.
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    Re: Shout out to healers: Power recovery (fate) or power pool (will) ?

    As a glorified power pot of a Lore-master I'm inclined to say ICPR > a large power pool. Fate isn't a very efficient way to increase ICPR after a point. The most efficient way I've come across this is via relics, which also include crit and tactical/physical mastery(True Relics from Extraordinary level 65). I haven't played my RK since the release of RoI, so I don't know a whole lot about their abilities to regain power unfortunately. I do know that I have to occasionally pass power to Rune-keepers. Definitely stack will as there are other ways to increase your crit from relics and other gear as well. Also keep in mind that 1 Agility/Fate = ~1.75 crit rating. While there aren't any diminishing returns for Agi/Fate's contribution to crit rating I know that the crit rating's contribution toward % does have DR the higher you go. I reckon if you keep it about 15% and higher for a healing build you're pretty solid.

    As for ICPR, any where of 1500 and above unbuffed is excellent. The Superior Apple and Cheese Pies give about 395 ICPR over 10 minutes if you have the crit version.

    I believe the outgoing healing cap is 50% and I don't think there is a cap to tactical mastery percent, or if there is it would be an absolute glass cannon build.
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