I'm even older that the other old fart that posted LOL. I'm 57, retired Navy. I have 75 GRD, 75 RK, 75 Burg all raid ready and eager to get into ToO, done about all they can do with Draigoch. I also have a 55 CPT I'm slowly bringing up and a 66 LM. I have all craft classes except Woodworker and a cpla mules to boot because I'm a packrat.

I believe I'd be an asset to any Kinship. I'd prefer a Kinship that is active, runs instances and raids and does so in Eastern time, i.e. we ain't starting and 10 or 11 but at 7 or 8.

If there is a Kinship out there that'd like this combo shoot me a tell in game to Aldertag or Redskaldor, send me a game mail or drop me a PM here.

BTW, yeah, I'm Aldertag that razzes the half-raised kiddies in GLFF from time to time