A mature Kinship at max rank looking to start recruiting. Many of our original members have gone dark, and those of us left want to revitalize this Kin. We have a kinship house in Bree town, we are spread about around all of middle earth but always willing to drop everything and help someone out no matter where they are. We are accepting any level, and we would like to start running raids and other instances when we have enough people online. All of us work 9-5 jobs, and we don't have any "Mandatory" group play times. When you get on if others are on lets get together and run some Grand Stair, or if you need help some Carn Dum.

If you want a laid back Kin that isn't going to ask anything more of you than to have fun, reply here (Will check daily before logging on) or send an in-game mail or /tell to Killorin for an invite.

Good hunting!