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    Feb 2011

    Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    It's been fun hanging with you in the Moors these past months and we've had our fair share of deaths in our humble beginning! You're always a cool guy and really funny to chat with. Anyway you're my bud in game and in real life and you deserve this rank! You've worked hard to play fairly and entertainingly. Grats again and good luck on rank 10


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    Near the Sun and Surf

    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    DRAKK!!!! Grats hun and it's always fun seeing you out there! Easily one of the nicest, coolest creeps I know

    *bear hugz*

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    Gratz buddy keep shakin =)

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

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    May 2007

    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    I need to read the forums more often, I may be late but the sentiment is still there "Gratz Drakk!!!"

    You still owe me a fisty fight.

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    Grats doll!!!!

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    Congratz on the rank!!!!
    Clieby - 75 Warden Rank 11 / Cliebo 75 Champion Rank 8 / Clieba - 65 Loremaster Rank 5
    Cliebi - 75 Minstrel Rank 5 / Cliebe - 65 Rune-keeper Rank 4 / Clieb - 65 Hunter Rank 3
    Cliebs - 65 Burglar Rank 1 / Cliebx - 65 Captain Rank 0 / Cliebu - 58 Guardian Rank 0

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    Alphf-Minstrel R8 ~Omegat-Reaver R7 ~Betuh-Weaver R7
    Kuhreep-Defiler R6 ~Dienamics-WL R6 ~Deltuh-BA R7 ~Stalfoe R10 Warg

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    Re: Grats Drakk On Rank 9!!!

    How on earth did you hit rank 9?...Last I saw you couldn't solo your way out of a paper bag let alone kill any freeps! Hehe <3 messing with you congratz noobie 8)



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